10 Best tips to crack IELTS through online classes

  Classes of Professional Studies      30-11-2020

Most of the people today are choosing online IELTS coaching over the classroom approach. This is because of the ongoing pandemic that has taught people many new ways to deal with everything. Whether it’s about social gatherings, attending weddings, graduation ceremonies, school exams and other activities, people are adapting to stay home and stay this safe mantra for almost everything. Therefore, preparing for your English proficiency test through online IELTS classes is a great choice.

However, there are various online IELTS classes available, it is also important to recognise your areas of improvement and to take coaching from an online IELTS institute which can provide you with personal attention.

A ton of information that is free of cost is available on the internet and therefore, it is natural for you to think that you can teach yourself using this information. But trust us; when we say this, free information is not structured, and a non-structured format of teaching students is always unsuccessful. A top IELTS online coaching institute will provide you with a highly progressive training plan, and other successful tricks and tips.

Now, let’s have a look at 10 best tips to crack IELTS through online classes.

Online Exercises to Upgrade English

There are four different aspects of English which are listening, reading, writing and speaking. All four sections need to be worked on to boost your language and your chances of cracking the IELTS test.

Let’s address each part of English separately.


The listening part poses a challenge to many students. This is because most students are not exposed to listening to the English language regularly. The following exercises can help you resolve that problem:-

1. Develop a good ear for English listening

It might be the case that you didnít get a chance to listen to English much. Therefore, you haven’t developed an ear for English and its different accents. The best exercise to resolve this problem is to watch English movies without subtitles, listen to podcasts on various subjects, lectures, speech and interviews of different personalities from all over the world.

2. Listen and read together

Many audio-books are available on the internet. Get the audio version of your favourite movie or TV show and listen to it. At the same time try reading the transcript of it. It will help you significantly to understand the pronunciation of many words.

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3. Indulge in English

Make English a part of your life to better your chances at the listening part. When you indulge in English properly and make it a part of your daily routine, you eventually improve your English in the process.


Some people who are not fluent in English can find reading a rather difficult task. This section constitutes a significant section in the IELT test. If you are not fast enough to read, you can miss a great deal of information from the text. You may follow the below-mentioned exercises to be a good reader:-

4. Expand your reading horizon

To boost your reading abilities, you must expand your reading horizon. Only reading a newspaper won’t do much good for you. You need to follow an extensive reading schedule which includes books, magazines and E-papers from various industries.

5. Reading demands concentration

We suggest don’t read just for the sake of reading. It is not an exercise to perform in a crowd, find a place where you can concentrate on your reading exercise and grasp the core meaning of your reading material.

6. Instil a habit of jotting down

Write down all the new words that you have encountered during your reading exercise. You may then find its meaning later to develop a strong vocabulary. The more you engage in this activity the more youíll be able to learn new words and their meaning.


Having excellent writing skills with exceptional speed is a blessing to IELTS test takers. But this is something that most of the native speakers also struggle for. You need to do the following steps for achieving great writing skills:-

7. Enthusiastic reading

It’s a fact that impeccable writing abilities are gained only if you have an ample of knowledge. And the best way to acquire that knowledge is through reading. Therefore, we encourage reading to gain power over your writing skills. Practice reading materials offered by online IELTS classes daily.

8. Vocabulary and Grammar

The two most important aspects of writing, vocabulary and grammar go hand in hand. Though grammar can be a big blow to some at the beginning, with the time you can master all grammar rules to write a perfect piece without any mistakes. Moreover, strengthen your vocabulary by writing down the words which you encounter for the first time.


Many face the problem of stuttering during the speaking. This happens because most of the IELTS students come from non-English speaking countries. In that case, stuttering is a very common error. You can resolve this problem by following these steps:-

9. Translate your thoughts in English

Process each thought in your mind before speaking it first, but also remember to complete this process in a little time. This may sound like a complicated process but after practice, you can master it easily. IELTS online coaching classes help provide various mind exercises to strengthen your thinking process.

10. Talk in the mirror

This exercise may seem amusing to a lot of students, but you’ll learn how effective it is when you do it regularly. You learn to judge your gestures and mannerisms and improve them over time. Try various subjects to measure your progress regularly.

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