10 Essential Etiquette Tips to Improve Office Environment

  Classes of Professional Studies      23-11-2020

Workplace etiquette is the silent keeper of the workplace. It has always been a part of a progressive enterprise. It might sound like an ancient concept, but we cannot confuse it with an antiquated one.

Good conduct serves a purpose. It offers social guidance and fosters a sense of ethics where people at work can get better off.

It’s a fact that people drive a company to its success. And, it’s a fact too that a person’s ability to handle the situation well and interact with empathy leads him/her to cooperate exceptionally with others. But what makes etiquette training important? Being polite to one another decreases tension in what is often a challenging climate, and thus the workplace etiquette sets up a team to improve teamwork and efficiency.

Therefore, if you embrace good manners or good office etiquette, people will show their interest in you and willing to work with you, which will ultimately help you move up the corporate ladder. Your importance to the enterprise increases, which also means more benefits in terms of salary and promotion.

Good workplace etiquette leads to stronger networking and high-quality employee relations, both of which strengthen your ability to progress your career. If you can prove that your performance has not only helped the company but that your behaviour has made you someone who encourages morale and inspires people to work well together, then your career advancement is guaranteed. So, hone your workplace etiquette with the following 10 essential workplace etiquette tips to improve the office environment.

1.  Maintain a silent environment

Noise poses a significant problem in the workplace. Concentration is the essence that is needed to focus on the task at hand. Make no exceptions to break that concentration. For example, take your phone, personal calls and its constant notifications during work can distract your colleagues and hamper their performance. You can simply keep your phone on vibration to avoid such situations. This is the most ideal way to maintain a silent environment in your workplace.

2.  Be Thoughtful

Workplaces usually have a hierarchy which helps set a standard for how we treat our colleagues. But, the atmosphere is also stressful and different people deal differently with that pressure. Some of them hide into themselves and seem isolated and disengaged. Others stress out, causing conflict and growing tension.

None of the responses is appropriate. Treat bosses, subordinates, coworkers and even incompetent coworkers fairly and respectfully. They're going to perform great, and so are you.

3.  Be Wary of Your Body Language

You talk more than just words; think about how easy it is to misinterpret the tone of an email. The reality is that we interact through a multitude of senses. What we’re saying is like the skeleton of conversation, but our body language is the blood and flesh that characterizes it. Therefore, always be wary of your body language. Always maintain eye contact while talking to people. Listen empathically to what others have to say. Be a better listener to become a better communicator.

4.  Show Interest in Others

It’s the people who constitute a workplace. Without a meaningful interaction and helping the environment, the success of the company remains in doubt. Social gatherings and lunchtime are the perfect opportunities to explore each other’s interests and hobbies. It’s an important exercise for a progressive business. Therefore, show interest in others and maintain a genuine relationship with them. Mere lip-service won’t do any good, be sincerely interested in their passions and life and share yours with them.

5.  Share Credit

Recognize the people’s participation, be one of the many who have done good together, and if errors have been made, share responsibility for the others on your team. It’s called being a team player, and that’s what makes a good team. It makes work a joint endeavour, making the office more palatable. This is where etiquette training proves fruitful, you’ll learn various exercises about how to share credit whenever it is required.

6.  Help Your Colleagues

Extending a helping hand to your colleagues in need can bring a big relief on their face. Getting off of your seat to assist or helping someone when they ask for it is the right way to treat your co-workers. Also, mentoring a junior or a news recruit contributes to a better working environment.

7.  Be Optimistic

Some people are optimistic and some are pessimists. No one is wrong in their positions. These are the ways how people look at the world. Some smile, some don’t. But again, smiling is the most acceptable form of social interaction. Smiling can make people feel comfortable and create less chaos in the office environment.

8.  Show Up On Time

Job is about deadlines. If you don’t value the time, you can cause conflict at work. The same is true of when meetings are called. Well, meetings can also be time-wasting, but it’s not up to you to decide. If a conference or meeting is called at a given time, show up on time.

9.  Avoid Being Too Emotional

Being interested in others and avoiding being too emotional is only a matter of degree. Be friendly, just don’t be a stalker. Always respect people’s privacy. If you are at a managerial position, avoiding being too friendly can save you from the accusation of playing favouritism.

10.  Dress Accordingly

Each employee reflects the values of an organization. Therefore, their appearance matters the most. And, by appearance, we mean, personal hygiene too. Many startups promote more casual attire but in a corporate world, many prefer formal attire for their employees. Therefore, remember to dress accordingly to your corporate culture.

Now, what goes with good corporate etiquette? A good etiquette training module. Once you resort to making your workplace a better place, you have won half of the struggle already. Rest will be achieved through the guidance you receive in your etiquette training.

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