20 Effective Tips To Teach Your Kids English At Home

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Are you worried about your child's lacking knowledge of English? Do you also want your child to speak English fluently and use it with better vocabulary? Well, you are at the right place!

Here are some English tips for kids and how they can learn English at home. Parents conduct English classes for kids so that they can learn this language real quick.

However, it's quite complicated to prepare a non-English speaker. Let's have a look at some beneficial tips and tricks for your child to learn English at home.

Here are 20 Effective Tips To Teach Your Kids English At Home

You know what, helping children to learn a new language can be challenging. You have to be patient. When they learn something in school they have their teachers. Also, companions with them and that's what keeps them going.

But, when you are a parent you have a different relationship with your kid. You have to make the environment calm down. So, here are 20 effective tips for you. Have a look at these!

1. Take Help With Visuals

Images are the best way of learning something quickly and for the long term. Combining images with texts is the best combination to make a kid understand better.

● It enhances the reasoning ability.
● Makes kids understand better.
● Visualization becomes broader.
● Creates a sense of interest in learning a new language.
● Provides a better learning environment.


The child can only remember what he/she visualizes. They create their own portrayal of imagination to memorize things.

Taking an example, a child will not understand what a banana is until he sees it visually. That's how this whole thing works!

2. Keep Everything Simple In The beginning

The children are good learners! But, you have to be careful about what you're teaching them and how. Keep your instructions simple and clear. Don't be in a rush. Don't try to make your child smarter on the second day of learning.

Have patience and make things clear for better understanding. Use simple sentences and simple phrases. Make them understand the difference between the words.

Tell them what's the difference between "trees" and "plants". You can also make them understand simply by repeating alphabets and what's similar to that alphabet.

3. Teach While Playing And Having Fun

Playing can be fun but learning while playing is beyond that! Isn't it? Imagine your child is learning and having fun at the same time. That's fascinating I guess.

Here are the things you can teach your child while playing and having fun:

● Teach them the name of the game in English.
● Tell them how sentences are spoken in English while playing.
● Name of the toy in English
● Using phrases like - " I am playing" and "I enjoy while playing" will help them to understand.


4. Have a Regular Routine For Smaller Sessions

Practising every day is what makes you better! And that's also applicable for your child.

When you're teaching English to your child, you need to make a routine. Routine will help in so many ways to enhance the understanding of the child.

● Short sessions of 15-20 minutes can help learners in the initial days.
● Fixed Routine time should be there.
● Short regular sessions are always better than longer ones.
● Don't expand the learning timing as children have a short attention span.


5. Engage The Child In Role-Play

Children love their cartoon characters and they love to hear stories about them. You can use this method as a way of learning for your child. Ask your child about his/her favourite cartoon character or favourite superhero.

You can speak out the particular dialogues of the character in English. Conducting English classes for kids can be too early for small kids. But, you can take over the responsibility yourself.

6. Show Your Child Picture Books To Create Interest

You can show picture books to create interest in learning English at home. Show them pictures in the books and make them learn their names.

Children love fascinating and bright books. You can use them to make them memorise the names.

● Vegetable names
● Fruit names
● Names of weeks.
● Month names and year names.
● Alphabets from A to Z.


7. Use English Songs To Teach Them English At Home

There are many songs available on the internet that your child can learn from. Sing English songs for them and tell them to repeat the song. You can also ascertain the meaning of the lines in the song.

Try singing songs in English while playing, eating and at bedtime. That will create a habit of memorizing and learning new words.

8. Read English Stories At Bedtime

We always learn better from stories and imagination. Comic books and English storybooks are better options. Reading stories and explaining their meaning can develop so many good habits like:

● Reading skills.
● Concentration
● It can develop listening skills.
● Expand the sense of learning.


9. Use Everyday Situation To Teach.

You can teach your kids English at home by using normal day-to-day activities. How? Well, that's not tough!

You can talk to your child in basic English while eating, watching TV or playing. You can ask them "What are you eating?" Or "What are you watching?". Let them answer these questions and see what they're learning from them.

10. Enhance Their English Vocabulary

You can improve your child's vocabulary by teaching them new words every day. You can ask them to put tags on the furniture, stuff of the house. By doing this you are making sure of their knowledge.

You can conduct a small test every week. Here you can ask them what they learnt the whole week and ask them to write.

11. Talk To Them In English

While serving food, while eating food, while watching TV or playing games. You should always talk in basic simple English to them. These activities will help them to learn faster.

Ask them if they need " Rice" or ask the name of whatever vegetable is made. Create a habit of talking in English at home and also to guests. It will make a good impact on them.

12. Talk To Them In English While Dressing

If they're getting ready you can ask them how they are wasting that dress. Asking this kind of question creates a sense of speculation in their minds.

You can ask about the colour of the clothes and if they like the dress or not. You can ask them what they like to wear and what looks good on them.

13. Develop The Habit of Writing

Writing is the nicest way to learn and remember things. If your child is experiencing difficulty in memorising words of English. You can ask them to write the difficult word repetitive times.

Let them write everything they know and want to. Writing can be fun and you have to keep track of their improvement.

14. Sing Bedtime Lullaby In English For Your Kids

Kids love listening to a lullaby while at bedtime. According to reports, kids are at the highest concentration at that time. You can sing your favourite lullaby daily before sleeping.

● Develop the habit from an early age
● Make a routine
● Try singing different songs.


15. You Can Take English Classes Together

Learn with your kid. Don't hesitate to sit and learn English with your kid at home. Studying and taking classes together will be a good start. It will create a sense of security and satisfaction that their parents are also learning.

Instead of ordering them to take classes, tell them "let's go for a class together". Here, you are making sure your child doesn't feel pressure and can freely learn new things.

16. Do Proper Research On The Language

Yes! Doing the research is important. Now the question is why? Because you have to understand what's good for your child and what's not.

You might be having questions like from where should I start? What should I teach? Am I teaching the right thing? So, to get the answers to these questions you have to make sure of research.

You have to make sure that the English you're teaching at home are correct and appropriate for your child. Research well and then only start teaching.

● You can take help of the Internet
● Watch videos on how to teach English at home
● Read books
● Ask experts about the issue

17. Ask Them To Prepare Short Speech And Reward Them

Children are so innocent. All they need is love and care. It is scientifically proven that if you give a reward to someone for their performance their motivation gets increased.

That's what you have to follow with your kid. Ask them to prepare a short (5-6 line) speech on any random topic. Tell them that you have a prize for that. They will give their best for that prize for sure.

Prizes could be anything their favourite. Like chocolates, their favourite toys or a picnic trip.

18. Give Commands In English Only

Children learn mostly from their parents and teachers. They adopt the activities that happen in their living environment. So, you have to be careful about what you're doing and how you're talking tk them.

Many times we don't realise that we're working hard to teach them English but end up ruining it ourselves. How? Well, if you need a glass of water, you don't have to ask for it in your local language.

Ask them to bring water politely in English. Then tell them to sleep early by phrasing the good habits and their benefits.

19. Initiate Conversations In English Only

The children are very little to understand a new language. So, you have to initiate the conversation for them. They will not be able to start a conversation in English. You have to teach them that it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Tell them that it's okay in the beginning to speak the wrong English. Make them comfortable and give them an environment to speak freely.

20. Use Their Interests As Teaching Method

If your child likes to play the guitar or likes to play cricket, you can ask him anything about that. For example, you can ask your kid how cricket is played on the ground, the names of international cricketers.

If your child likes to read books, you can ask him to tell you something related to books what genres he likes and why.

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