5 Top Foreign Languages Kids Should Learn

  Classes Of Professionals Studies      13-11-2020

5 Top Foreign Languages Kids Should Learn

Many parents, nowadays, are enrolling their kids in foreign language classes. They firmly believe that this will add up to their child’s overall development. Moreover, studies have shown that learning a second language enhances cognitive abilities, improves communication and reflects a better understanding of the culture. Therefore, the earlier you introduce your kids to a foreign language, the better their chances are to succeed.

People who speak multiple languages often enjoy better job opportunities and higher living standards. Also, there are several health benefits - a recent study from the University of Chicago shows that learning a second language can help prevent dementia later in life.

Now, the question is...

How to determine which foreign language is best for your kid?

Most families choose a traditional language, which means that mom, dad, grandmother speaks a language. This exercise is also great because it offers the children a real-life experience to use the language and build confidence. But if you are short on heritage language and you’re not sure which foreign language to choose - here we are providing the 5 top foreign languages kids should learn.


Spanish is the foremost choice among parents. It is also considered as one of the easiest languages to learn for an English speaker. Much of its vocabulary is similar to that of English’s. Also, Spanish is a phonetic language and builds a good foundation for learning other foreign languages, all the more reasons to introduce it to your children. If you consider Spanish language as a first foreign language for your kids, then you are in luck. There are many learning opportunities as several Spanish language classes for kids and adults are available both online and offline. It can be an excellent kick-start point for your children.


Spanish and French are the most common foreign languages to teach your kids. Both languages offer a pre-existing base for kids as many parents have already been exposed to French and Spanish, through school programs. Thus making them the languages that can be passed on more easily to their children. College education in the language is becoming more and more popular. If you want a language for travel, international business and politics, French is the best option. You can find the best French language course for kids at the comfort of your house and also enroll your kids in a French language institute in Delhi. Most of the schools have also included French in their curriculum but sometimes your kids need a little outside push to achieve the fluency you are wishing for. So, put a safer bet on the French language for a brighter career for your child.


The similarities between English and German languages makes it easier for kids to pick up German. More than 5 million people in the U.S. alone speak German and it’s very common among other nations as well. Furthermore, Germans are innovative and master in technology. Therefore, German is the key language to learn given the current global economy.

If you think your child has an inclination towards science and technology, then German language classes for Kids can add up to their potential. Germany awards a generous amount of scholarships and other resources to international students to study in Germany.


Given China’s large population, increasing economy, and growing political influence, experts suggest teaching Mandarin Chinese can be a big asset to your child. The tones of Mandarin Chinese make it sound like a song, which really is a technique used to teach kids earlier in their age. Literary characters look like images, which cater to younger kids who are generally visual learners. Learning Chinese offers crucial insights into one of the ancient, most continuous cultures in the world and it is also the fastest-growing economy in the world. Learning Mandarin Chinese is beneficial to your child’s future job opportunities. Employers in our country and other countries need people to speak Mandarin to do business. And, it’s not a phenomenon that will change any time soon.


When you are considering foreign language education for your kids, do not rule out Japanese classes for kids. Learning Japanese is not only advantageous to kids both academically and economically, but also on an interpersonal basis. It opens the child’s eyes to a new world, helps the child learn to express himself or herself, and allows the child to celebrate differences in others.

Teaching Japanese to your child can be a great choice for their future and knowledge about Japanese cultures like manga and anime can be a lot of fun too!

A child is born with the ability to catch any dialect in the world, only by listening to it. Therefore, it is easier for a kid to acquire foreign languages before they hit puberty. So, take advantage of foreign language classes near you and advance your kid’s career on an earlier note.

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