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Classes of Professional Studies provides affordable offline and online Abacus Maths classes for kids and adults. We offer advanced Abacus Maths training for brain development under the supervision of seasoned abacus experts. About 2000 students have benefited from our program so far. And the number is increasing. We have conducted several pieces of training for Abacus skills enhancement to make kids and adults think faster and out of the box.

The abacus skills are beneficial for growing kids and adults too. However, if a kid is enrolled at an early age, he/she can gain much confidence in solving any maths problems quickly. Our Abacus Maths classes are known for making leaders in the world. Our certified trainers work round the clock to provide you with quality education in the field of Mathematics.

Abacus Maths Course in Delhi

We aim to improve brain and life skills ensuring total brain development at any age. Our Abacus Maths Course in Delhi involves training that promotes usage of entire brain functions through various activities. Through our structured learning program, students will be able to tap into maximum potential and remain highly successful in all spheres of life.

Our carefully crafted Abacus classes focus on building valuable skills to outdo their peers and get success at every competition or presentation. Thus, our abacus maths course for kids and adults place every student ahead in their lives.

  • Course Duration
    3 Months
  • Eligibility
    8-20 Year Old
  • Course Type
  • Class Duration
    1 Hour

What will give your child a head start?

  • Understand the Basics of Language - Letter, Word, and Grammar
  • Grasp and define concepts of Reading, Writing and Speaking while learning new language.
  • Create fun projects and handle gradual challenges with the help of an attentive teacher.

Benefits of Our Abacus Training Classes

Our Abacus Training Classes are easy and can be pursued in a short duration. One of the main advantages of the abacus training class is that you can become a trainer for your child once you get certified in Abacus maths classes. And that’s not all.

The following are the benefits of our abacus training classes:

Get accurate results with high calculation speed

This is the main advantage of Abacus Maths learning. Doing Mathematical Equations with Speed & Precision helps to do well in exams and at the workplace.

Makes Mathematics more interesting

Abacus maths skills make a boring subject such as Mathematics fun and more interesting. Kids will fall in love with maths.

Enhances concentration & learning abilities

Concentration capacity does not come naturally. This has to be established over a long period. our Abacus Maths classes are helpful in this regard. Enhanced concentration capacity makes them do well in all subjects.

Develops observation power

In our maths abacus classes students learn to look at things well, we can recognise and analyse many things. All of the Abacus Maths activities help students improve their analytical skills. They become capable of analysing all aspects of the problem and therefore become more observant and quick to respond to Abacus Maths after learning.

Builds memory power

Our Abacus math activities are performed mentally. This increases the brain's ability to understand things better, contributes to the development of memory power.

Increases confidence and self-esteem

Our maths classes increase confidence has the ability to do things with impressive success. Our students will acquire a lot of confidence as they are able to make high-speed and precise calculations. They are praised all over the country, which boasts greater trust in them. They're inspired to do better in all areas.,

Methods incorporated in our abacus learning classes

We're fostering a community where learning is enjoyable because we know the happy student is going to succeed. We deliver fun and customised training for your at the Classes of Professional Studies abacus math classes.The following are the most trusted and effective ways our trainers incorporate to teach abacus to our students:

  • Energetic, friendly and highly-qualified course instructors
  • 100% practical sessions
  • Flexible timings to encourage quality education
  • Small class sizes
  • Interactive maths classes
  • Regular updates on the progress
  • Playway method of teaching
  • Daily drills and homework is a key factor for accelerating growth
  • Certificates awarded at the end of the course

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As we all know, the initial years of a child's life are crucial as they learn many new things during this time. Kids can catch up with a new language effortlessly until the age of 15.

Therefore, we insist on having your children between the age of 8 to 20 to enroll with us to permit your child to provide them with the opportunity to learn something new.


We offer online specialised abacus maths classes for all

We are ISO 9000:2015 certified. We offer maths training at an affordable fee. Our abacus classes are well structured to promote growth. Our certified trainers are available via telephone, emails, WhatsApp, etc. You’ll find our teaching methods engaging and interesting.

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