About Arabic Language Institute in Delhi


Who thought learning Arabic would ever become a passion for anyone? In this competitive world, opportunities are there but only when you know how to grab it. Learning Arabic is one of the steps that will make you stand out among ordinary. The Arabic language is the sixth largest speaking the language in the world, with an estimated 250 million native speakers in 22 countries. It’s time to stop being skeptic and visit the best Arabic Language Institute in Delhi.

We have fast-track and intensive programs for students who want to learn this beautiful language. Many aspiring Arabic speakers end up not learning because of the unavailability of resources and highly paid courses. We at COPS have nullified this problem with highly experienced faculty and affordable Arabic courses.

What makes learning Arabic language at COPS exciting?

  • COPS Arabic learning program is unique and covers all the aspects of the language.
  • We have limited our class size to 5 to 6 students so that every student gets the desired attention.
  • Weekday/ Weekend batches available.
  • Online/ Offline classes are available.
  • We conduct workshops to further enhance the accuracy and usage of the language.

COPS Arabic language course is the best course available in Delhi. Our programs can be modified according to the requirement of the candidate. We draw from the collective experience of our teachers and conventional teaching methods which help us to create Arabic courses more exciting.

Who will benefit with this course?

  • People who are excited to learn new language
  • Want to improve their skills.
  • Want to read about Arabic culture.
  • Want to work with Arabs.

Learn Arabic language online

In this era of technology, we prefer to do everything online. Then, Why not learning? With our online learning facility, you will never have to worry about taking time out and attend classes after a very long day. We give our students access to knowledge at their fingertips.

We promise to make your professional life better

Being the best Arabic Language course provider in Delhi, we give 100% job assistance to our students in India or Abroad. Our specialized course structure and expert faculty is 24x7 available in providing assistance to help students avail their dream job around the globe.

We take reference of the best!

At Classes of Professionals, we focus on giving training based on best publications. For reference, we use “Teach Yourself Arabic” book which provides vast knowledge from basic to a high level. Along with the book, we provide special tests and audio-visual study materials to our students to improve their listening and speaking activities.

Why choose COPS?

As the best Arabic Language Course institute, COPS answers all your queries in a well-structured manner. Our students are our priority. Our flexible routines and unique teaching methods make learning Arabic more fun. The learners of the Arabic language varies from students, businessmen, and employees who plan to make their living in an Arab country. We take care of every individual who comes with the hope of becoming fluent in any language.