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Basic Computer Course in Delhi

As the need for becoming tech-savvy rising day by day, the need for enrolling in advanced and basic computer courses has become unavoidable. To make all of you digitally literate, we are here with an advanced and basic computer course in Delhi. Our team of experts work as a force to help students develop a strong technical base to face the computers dominated world head-on. We at COPS make your acquaintance with computer basics to let you lead a more professional life. Our institute is the best basic computer institute in Delhi which provides world-class courses at an affordable price.

Basic Computer Course Syllabus

Our advanced and basic computer classes consist of 5 to 6 students. Faculty at COPS is dedicated to delivering the best computer practices to their students during the whole training process. The modules we have are:

Basic of Computer

  • Basic of computer
  • Desktop & Screen Saver
  • Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Form Filling
  • Google Searching & Social Media
  • Internet

MS Excel

  • Introduction of excel
  • Functions
  • Data Validation
  • Sorting & Filtering
  • Reports
  • Templates

Computer Hardware

  • Parts of a Computer
  • Input and Output Devices
  • The CPU
  • Types of Memory
  • Storage
  • Desktop Management
  • File Management

MS Word

  • Introduction of word
  • Document Formatting
  • Resume Writing
  • Macro, Header & Footer
  • Multi-Page Documents
  • Letterheads and More.

MS PowerPoint

  • Introduction of Powerpoint
  • Graphical elements
  • Modify objects
  • Add tables & charts
  • Prepare to deliver
  • PowerPoint presentation developing


  • Understanding E-Mail
  • Email Basics
  • Security
  • Netiquette
  • Adjusting Basic Settings
  • Managing Mail

Search Engines

  • Searching the Web
  • Saving & Downloading A Web Page
  • Web Bookmarks

Pride of Performance

  • Passion
  • Strategy
  • Team Skills
  • Leadership

Basic Computer Course Certification 

COPS’ foundation was laid to provide earnest support to individuals who are seeking a competitive edge and to acquire their dream job. We provide certification upon completing the course. This certificate will act as proof of computer training and help you fetch big jobs in the industry.

We employ plenty of innovative ideas in our basic computer course certification to make it a successful practice for you. Our faculty is very well aware of the need for computer skills in today’s industry. Not only for working professionals, but computer basics are the basic necessity at home also i.e. for parents and children who often need computer skills to do a school project. Therefore, the need to be equipped with basic computer skills is evident. You will get MS office training and advanced excel courses training if you upgrade to our premium package.

Basic Computer Course Contents

Classes of Professional Studies offers basic computer classes for people of every field. Whether you are a beginner or a non-technical person, our easy to understand module help you achieve career growth. The basic Computer course contents which we put our focus upon are as follows:

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Operating System
  • MS Excel
  • Advanced MS Excel
  • Corporate MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Internet

Advantages of Our Basic Computer Course

Our basic computer course is designed for students and businessmen and housewives, basically for all who want to embrace the opportunities this world has to offer.

  1. Most reliable job oriented short term basic computer course.
  2. Build confidence in using technology.
  3. Recognize basic computer terminology.
  4. Understand the flow of data.
  5. Manage files and information.
  6. Make presentations in a more innovative manner.
  7. Make use of the internet to enhance your report.
  8. Improve existing and develop new skills.
  9. Recognize the types of files
  10. Find saved file location
  11. Examine different parts of the computer
  12. Explore all the keyboard shortcuts
  13. How to deal with SPAM
  14. Learn virus management

What Career Options Basic Computer Course Offers ?

With our basic Computer training, you can tap into various job opportunities available in the market. The demand for skilled computer professionals is on the hike. MNCs and other local organizations are looking for computer specialists who are capable of using computers effectively. The following job roles are the most demanding and popular for Computer professionals:

  • Computer Operator
  • Back Office Computer Operator
  • Back Office Executive
  • Data Entry
  • Technical Support
  • IT Support Associate
  • Receptionist and more

What Salary Should You Get After Basic Computer Course ?

The Average salary of Computer Operators, Office Executives, IT Support Associate, etc. with Basic Computer Skills is around 3 lakhs per annum. As you gain experience in this field, you gain a higher position in the company with a huge hike in your salary.

Don’t Be the Most Talented in the Room

Be the Most Competitive

Push Yourself to Achieve More

Basic Computer Courses for Beginners

As we are aware of the fact that, without computers life is difficult. There are many people who are still not aware of basic computer tricks. Classes of Professional Studies provides certification in advanced and basic computer courses to beginners also and allowing them to enjoy the perks of computer knowledge. Now don’t hold back and learn to book your tickets online, shop online, manage account sheets, get detailed hardware knowledge and more in our basic computer classes.

Why Join Basic Computer Course Institute in Delhi ?

Classes of Professional Studies is the best Basic computer course institute in Delhi which focuses on preparing you for the modern tech-industry with advanced and basic computer course in Delhi. Our faculty is highly experienced in the field of computer skills who are dedicated to delivering a quality education to our candidates. We have been providing aid to Delhiites to achieve greater success in their respective fields. Our certified course modules ensure quality training and prepare students for their venture. Our basic computer course institute in Delhi is ISO certified and we provide certification for the same. We also provide Digital Marketing Training to provide you with an added benefit in the marketing world. We have adopted a very innovative training method including live projects for better understanding. Being a top institute for basic computer classes in Delhi, we provide world-class training environment and open class schedule at a very reasonable price.

Why Opt for a Computer Course ?

There are many reasons to opt for a computer course. Candidates may consider over what they want to with their education. Regardless of their fields, a computer course is likely to boost their IT knowledge. In today’s world, computers have many roles to perform and their roles are only going to increase with time. It is necessary to add computer skills on to your resume. With effective access to computers, you can save time and decrease stress at work. Having good computer skills can increase your value in the labour market.

Our computer course assists enhance your performance and make you capable of doing work even faster. Therefore, allowing you to get a salary hike and promotion. You first need to enroll in a basic computer course to explore the limitless possibilities.

Key Highlights of Our Basic Computer Course

It is natural for a candidate to expect some things from the computer course, and one of them is improved understanding of basic computer software. Below are the key highlights of our computer course.

  • We consider our candidates as students who want to instil computer skills with no computer background. This means we will teach each and every individual with extra care.
  • Our 1-month computer course will be easy on your pockets and the most reliable one.
  • Our course contents are easy to learn and apply in live projects.
  • Our computer classes institute provide both regular and Alternate computer classes with different time slots to choose from.
  • We conduct our live sessions with real-life scenarios.
  • Continuous assessment.
  • A certificate will be issued upon the completion of the course.

basic computer classes in delhi

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