Best Tips to Crack Your IELTS

  Classes of Professional Studies      12-10-2019

Which is the best IELTS coaching institute?. Is this question troubling you now? Did you score less in your previous IELTS attempt? Do you want to crack IELTS this time? While applying for a job or study abroad, IELTS score is required by countries where English is the main language. IELTS is recognized in over 140 countries around the world.

IELTS evaluates your English language proficiency. It has two sections- Academic and General Training. Each section has 4 levels namely; Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Each section is designed to test your English abilities in a way that you need to prepare before giving an attempt in IELTS examination.

As we know that IELTS is measured in bands. Thousands of people sit for IELTS every year. Yet, only Hundreds of them successfully score the required band. Now, the main question arises that, how to prepare to crack IELTS in one attempt? How much time to give to each level of IELTS to improve the overall score? In this article, we will try to break down the best Tips to crack your IELTS.

Crack Your IELTS with these Useful Tips

  • Take a good look at the question while listening or reading. Listen to the entire recording until it stops (Listening part).
  • Don’t rush to get to the new section. Before reaching the next section use the time given between each section. Prepare yourself inside your mind.
  • Follow the order of the information provided in the questions. Answer the question only after listening or reading them carefully.
  • At the time of writing down your answers to the answer sheet, check spellings and grammar thoroughly.
  • It is vital to enroll yourself in the best IELTS coaching institute to sharpen your English language skills.

Listening Section

Listening section has four sub-sections and includes 40 questions. This section is considered the most important part of the IELTS test.

  1. One-on-One interaction
  2. Speech
  3. Monologue
  4. Group Discussion
  • The best way to Crack IELTS is to prepare the listening section by listening to numerous conversations.
  • Listen to English bulletins regularly and try to develop an understanding of the fluency of native speakers.
  • Practice as much as to become a multitasker. It is indeed the most important skill you need to add. So that you can jot down the answers while listening to the recordings.
  • Write down the part which needs to be written down, unnecessary writing can cause you to lose the time allotted to you.

Reading Section

This section is designed to test the reading skills of the candidates. It has long articles to read. All the questions in this are based on the articles only. Best tips to crack your IELTS is to understand the tone of the articles.

  • Develop a reading habit. It can be boring at the beginning but reading the material which interests you the most can also be helpful.
  • Jot down important phrases or words while reading. This practice allows you to remember important things for a longer time.
  • Read, Write and Repeat. Add this mantra to your daily routine to improve your reading skills.
  • Be watchful of the time limits. Try to attempt every question in the given time only.

Writing Section

Writing section is different for Academic and General test. Candidates are asked to write an essay based on graph or chart or a diagram in the Academic section and situation based essays along with a letter in the General section.

  • Read as many sample essays as you can. Analyse each and every essay based on the graph, charts or a situation and jot down the important points.
  • Besides reading essays, it is vital to write essays as well. Remember, always make an outline of the essay before beginning the writing process.
  • Maintain the tone which you are targeting throughout the essay. Ignore presenting more than one point of view in the entire essay.
  • Practice grammar daily. Since your grammar skills will be checked with due diligence, you need to avoid doing any mistakes related to grammar.

Speaking Section

To test the spoken English skills, this section involves one-on-one interaction with an invigilator.

  • Most candidates are reluctant when it comes to speaking in English language. Speak slowly and stay confident when talking to the invigilator.
  • Record your responses while practising for speaking section. Listen to your recordings as an invigilator would. Try to record another response with better pronunciation.
  • Always give your opinion while responding to a question. Add information on your behalf.
  • Ignore using fillers in your sentences while responding. Fillers words such ‘um’, ‘uh’, ‘like’, and ‘you know’. These words indicate hesitation.

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