Business Etiquette - The Underrated Training Required For Every Professional

  Classes of Professional Studies      03-09-2021

To get started by bursting a common myth among individuals who aspire or require business etiquette training, Business Etiquette Training is not specific to the corporate world of managers or senior leadership positions, it is not specific to mainstream professional roles & responsibilities.

Business Etiquette sums down to initiating and nurturing relationships with people across the network and beyond. There are no written rules & regulations as such to create an amicable and natural, comzy ambience and make others feel secure when they converse with you. Business etiquette instructs this behaviour naturally and spontaneously.

How is it relevant and most required with this day and age!

Basic Social Investment

A company or individual who ensures to train through business etiquette programs often bear fruits on different fronts, be it onboarding clients, body language while presenting a business meeting, the casual charismatic swag in a leisure golf course, or the way of handling and exhibiting customer interactions, and so on. Etiquette training is an investment worth it all the time, and this helps you pave your way further than the regular crowd. This also helps you display your skills in a unique and refreshing approach allowing you to interact with people with different values even from previous generations.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Inculcating Business Etiquette can often take you to the next level of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Qualities as simple as punctuality, attentiveness, listening tendency would make you naturally more charismatic, and help you be better for your business.

As basic as not being obsessed with your phone while someone talks or performs is the most basic etiquette, individuals lack. There are several other instances that could be a deal breaker or a huge turn off for an imploring success.

Cultural Differences

While you work with global clients or audiences, it is all the more important to understand basic and common etiquettes, so that you don't end up hurting sentiments of individuals who are decision makers. It is highly critical to know the cultural importance of all your actions or activities based on the location or region you reside in, or the individuals who belong there.

Enhances Impression

The way you express yourself is often how you are perceived inside-out. Your business skills are highly likely to be misunderstood or questioned when you handle situations against an individual's or a group's way of working. It is important to have strong business etiquette even while you interact with an individual one-on-one.

Enrich Workplace Relations & Culture

As you move up the ladder, your behaviour and way of conversation are often under the scanner by both the junior and senior staff. This also paves way for a collaborative and civilised corporate culture.

Some common courtesies to follow are:

  • Not checking your phone during meetings.
  • Answering other people or calls while someone is talking to you.
  • Not announcing your entry by knocking, or informing them about your arrival in a certain location or office.
  • Talking loudly and arrogantly to prove a point, or to your subordinates.
  • Say your full name while you introduce yourself.
  • Drop in mails before and after meetings to remind them about you and your business, and that you care about their opinion or understanding on this front.
  • Be punctual and attentive to the little requirements of the individual.
  • Never interrupt people while they talk, stay calm and composed until they are done.

Showcase the right etiquette at the right place and time while staying ahead of peers and competitors with Class of Professionals 'Etiquette Training'. Here are some modules for your reference.

  1. Why Professional Etiquette?
  2. Elevator Etiquette
  3. Card Etiquette
  4. Queues Etiquette
  5. Greetings
  6. Social Niceties
  7. Tips on Timing / Time Management
  8. Office Etiquette
  9. Telephone Etiquette
  10. Understanding Dining do's and don'ts
  11. Email Etiquette
  12. Chivalry and so on.

If you are wondering why you haven't got that promotion or success you aspire to yet, it may be because of the lack of business etiquette or social skills hindering the decision coming through. Lacking business etiquette will not only limit your growth as a professional but also as an individual, harming your personal brand and relationships that have taken years to grow with a strong foundation. This should be the secret to any great business success model!

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