10 Effective Tips To Learn Japanese For Beginners

  Classes of Professional Studies      16-03-2020

Is speaking Japanese confidently and fluently your only dream? If that is so, you need a comprehensive learning programme. My top recommendation would be to learn Japanese at home with regular Japanese language classes in Delhi.

Most people, in the beginning, are keen to learn Japanese. With this willingness in mind, they join the Japanese language course in Delhi. Then after a few months of their Japanese language classes, it dawns on them that it’s a much bigger task than we’re led to believe. A significant majority of them eventually stopped. As per statistics, only about 5% succeeded in reaching an advanced level.

The facts are represented here not to terrify but to motivate you to take on the bigger challenge and win with flying colours. Nothing is impossible if you practice regularly. Therefore, here’s a list of 10 effective tips to learn Japanese for beginners. Armed with these tips and the right learning approach can ensure your N2 level of the Japanese language proficiency test in India.

1. Start with the 10,000 Hours Rule

Dedicate 10,000 hours of your routine to Japanese learning for the next 18 months. Just keep practising until you master Japanese! If you stay consistent with this rule, you can achieve fluency in Japanese easily. Learning Japanese is not a cakewalk, if you aim to work or study in Japan or simply learn the language, it is important you take time out from your busy schedule. No doubt you have not heard this for the first time, at best, simply pushing the idea to its logical extreme is extremely important.

2. Stay Up-to-date with Japanese News

Search for the sites that invoke your interest in knowing about international news in the Japanese language. Some sources are available on the internet that provides Japanese learning beginners with many useful links to explore options for learning. Begin with the easiest link. Once you start understanding the easiest source of news, shift to the tougher ones.

3. Don’t Completely Depend on Japanese Courses

If you are taking advantage of the unprecedented access to certified teachers and resources then remember to never completely depend on the Japanese language classes alone. Keep a practice regime ready at home dedicated entirely to develop fluency in Japanese. A language trainer cannot force-feed you all information available on the language. This is the main reason why languages are never taught, they are acquired.

4. Speak Japanese Every Day

Immerse completely in Japanese. Here are some tips:

  • ✔ Get the most out of your smartphone. Change the language settings into Japanese. Do this on your computer or laptop too. It may seem difficult in the beginning but it will really help you recognise English words in Japanese.
  • ✔ Navigate on social media platforms with bilingual exposure. Post, read and do everything in the Japanese language.
  • ✔ Start watching Japanese movies, shows, anime, documentaries, etc. Are you a big fan of Netflix? Great! Explore all the Japanese shows available.
  • ✔ YouTube is another great option for finding something to listen to. You might want to check out our YouTube videos to learn Japanese.
  • ✔ Connect with Japanese speakers near your area.
  • ✔ Get enrolled with a Japanese language institute and conduct group discussions among the language learners.

5. Enjoy Learning Japanese

The secret of enjoying the Japanese learning process is to do this the way you already like. If you like watching movies, playing sports, or even playing video games simply ensure that you add Japanese in all those things or do them with Japanese people. You could go work out while playing a Japanese playlist or running and there’s much stuff out there to suit your tastes.

6. Use Mnemonics

Sometimes, vocabulary repetition to learn Japanese just isn’t enough. To remember terms that often seem to escape our minds, we need a little extra jump start. That’s where mnemonics step in. The mnemonics involve telling yourself a memorable or fun story, rhyme, or song to associate with a particular word.

7. Be a Part of Japanese Activities

By participating in activities organized by Japanese officials, you get a chance to associate with the locals. In doing so, you get a shining opportunity to connect and gain much from the native speakers. These activities include speech contests, Japanese dialogue sessions and other cultural activities that will give you an advantage over other Japanese language learners.

8. Japanese Grammar: One Step at a Time

There’s absolutely no need to rush while learning grammar. Take one step at a time. If you understand the grammar patterns and rules little by little. Having a knowledge of them will make constructing Japanese phrases easier. Don’t dwell too hard on the rules of grammar, just make sure you understand the structure in the beginning, study words to try to make clear sentences yourself.

9. Make Mistakes

Unlike other academic subjects, learning a language is a continuous, never-ending adventure that requires constant practice. Don’t treat it the same way you would treat learning another academic subject and live in fear of making mistakes. In the language learning world, mistakes are a sign of progress. Mistakes help you to learn faster.

10. You Can Do it!

While it may take some time to become fluent in Japanese, it is possible to learn the basics of speaking in a short period and move on to becoming fluent. Don’t be discouraged if you encounter any difficulty at the beginning of your Japanese learning journey. You can learn Japanese faster if you follow these steps with a determined mind.

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