Effective Ways To Learn French Language Easily

  Classes of Professional Studies      12-07-2021

Are you looking for effective ways to learn French? Then you are on the right page. In this post, we will shed light on some effective strategies which will aid you in your French language classes and speed up your learning process.

Train Your Brain For French

Yes, preparing your brain to understand French words is the first step towards achieving fluency. You can start with everyday objects. Begin with every household item, kitchen equipment and things you own and find their French names in the dictionary. Then start addressing them by their French names only. It can be a good exercise for your brain to juggle between English and French words. If you instil this habit in your daily routine, you can master everyday French vocabulary in no time.

Turn Your Smartphone into a French Learning Tool

You probably spend a lot of time on your mobile phone for things like surfing the internet, talking to your friends and asking for suggestions from Google assistant or SIRI. Why not try asking SIRI about things in French? For example, you can ask for a recipe in the French language. It can allow you to learn a few new things about cooking in French. Even if it is a minor step towards acquiring the entire French vocabulary, every step counts, right? So, the next time you pick up your smartphone for anything, remember to switch the language to French.

Come Up with a New Goal Every day

Start your day with a new goal every day. Remember, your goal should be achievable so that you can cross off each task you assigned yourself at the end of the day. But, the question is, how to do that? Here a few suggestions you can consider:

  • If you are pursuing a French language course, challenge your classmates to a task in every class. Let's say, for example, French word quiz, French word of the day, forming complex sentences, so on.
  • You can take vocabulary tests online. Just Google it, and you can find many platforms to test your progress every day.
  • You can set a goal to learn 30 new French daily.

The big idea is to involve yourself in learning more French words and phrases to build a vocabulary.

Read, Write, Listen and speak in French

You must develop your French skills in all aspects of the language. For that, you must practice French by reading, writing, listening and speaking. If you focus only on one part, for example, on the reading part, you can fail to pronounce it correctly in front of a native. If you want to improve and work on these skills, here are a few suggestions for you:

  • Get yourself a French reading notebook with exercise questions and answers at the back.
  • You can use the study material provided by the French coaching institute.
  • Listen to audio lessons, podcasts, subscribe to a YouTube channel of a French influencer.
  • You can record your speech and listen to it afterwards. For suggestions, you can ask your French trainer to have a look at the recording.
  • You can also try singing French songs and learn the lyrics. It can be the perfect way to learn French while having fun.

You Can Use Flashcards

You can call it an old fashion way, but it works. Flashcards can be effective in memorizing simple vocabulary, definitions, grammar rules, translations, genders of words and small phrases. And, you don't need to go old school by making cardboard flashcards, use digital flashcards and carry them anywhere you want. You can make vocabulary flashcards by writing a French word on one side and its meaning in the English language on the other. This will allow you to understand French quickly. To make verb flashcards, simply mention an infinite verb on one side and the tense you want to practice and write the conjugation on the other hand.

Remember, practice makes a man perfect!

So, Reap the benefits of your alone time and repeat the phrases and expressions you've learned aloud. Don't be afraid to speak to yourself to improve your pronunciation!

To sum up

Effective ways to learn French includes:

  • Interactive French classes (online or offline).
  • A daily dose of French immersion
  • Managing your schedule according to your goal
  • Professional guidance
  • Occasional translation activities
  • Developing vocabulary in an interactive way
  • Assessment of skills acquired
  • Motivation

If you succeed in incorporating all these things in your French study program, no one can stop you from understanding French like a native. There are multiple institute which are providing online french classes for kids too. Let the kids also join the french language classes.

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