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Our English classes for kids are designed to encourage your child aged 8 to 20 years which lets them express themselves in a motivating and safe environment. It is the perfect age for effortless and impactful language learning.

We build an environment in which only English is spoken. Children believe that their own learning is at the core. They experience a rise in confidence as they improve their fluency in English and the essential skills of the 21st century to support them at school.

  • Course Duration
    3 Months
  • Eligibility
    8-20 Year Old
  • Course Type
  • Class Duration
    1 Hour

What will give your child a head start?

  • Understand the Basics of Language - Letter, Word, and Grammar
  • Grasp and define concepts of Reading, Writing and Speaking while learning new language.
  • Create fun projects and handle gradual challenges with the help of an attentive teacher.

Best English Speaking Classes For Kids

Ensure your Kid’s Progress through our English Speaking classes for Kids.

Our approach in English classes for kids, fundamentally, is not changing. We concentrate on conversational English and having children to speak about various subjects-whether it's cartoons, education, sports, family or learning how to ride a bicycle.

We keep the conversations very “real” by keeping interruptions at a minimum. One distinction between the English classes for children and the English classes for adults is that we can use much more visual material like pictures or videos in the kid's curriculum to encourage kids to start talking.

To sum up, what we're trying to re-create is an atmosphere close to what your kids would encounter if they were going to daycare, pre-school, middle school or high school in an English speaking country.

Clearly we can't immerse our kids in English 24/7 at home but regular and high intensity weekly English speaking classes for Kids at Classes of Professional Studies can certainly have a great impact on helping children learn English at a young age.

Many younger students tend to use vocabulary correctly in real-life conversations. one of the simplest and best ways to fix this problem is to give kids a chance to learn the use of complex vocabulary with unique examples, something they may relate to. That's why we have established a system of conversational English classes for kids.

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As we all know, the initial years of a child's life are crucial as they learn many new things during this time. Kids can catch up with a new language effortlessly until the age of 15.

Therefore, we insist on having your children between the age of 8 to 20 to enroll with us to permit your child to provide them with the opportunity to learn something new.


How Our English Speaking Classes For Kids Work?

We encourage children to talk about events that happened in school and during the week. That's where our teacher's speciality lies. They are trained to gain faith in younger kids and help them find their identity and create trust. It is the secret to swift language learning. The conversational approach that we use instils trust in the kids that they can speak English even if they make a minor mistake or two.

Online English Classes for Kids- Give Your Kid a Head Start

With our English classes, your kids will:

  • Build confidence by talking in English about common topics like their surroundings.
  • Present themselves through fun events and community projects-investigating subjects like the natural world, from underwater to outer space.
  • Develop essential life skills like problem-solving, giving opinions, reflecting on their actions, creativity, leadership, etc. that prepare them outside the classroom for their future.
  • These skills will not only help them in life but also at school where they will be better able to understand and communicate.
  • Learn English by engaging in things that are of interest to them and important to their lives.

You wish your kids the best. You're keen on seeing them succeed. Encouraging them to learn English would benefit them in so many respects no matters what their age is. Therefore, enrolling your kids at COPS for English classes for kids is the best decision you can take for their growth.

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