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Etiquette Training

In today’s world, there is a huge demand for etiquette training. Etiquettes are the implicit codes of conduct, designed to keep the professional or personal world in order. It's helps you build confidence, communicate with others, and develop other professional skills to boost career growth. Etiquettes are almost similar for every country. Every professional should possess certain etiquettes apart from the hard skills to achieve success. Etiquette training ensures your success in every fact of life.

For many decades the word ‘etiquette’ was simply the connotation for the Victorian era, where gentlemen wore hats and showed chivalry and women wore gowns with their hands covered with gloves. But, as we are stepping forward into the modern world the word ‘etiquette’ developed several meanings, suiting the professional and personal life.

At Classes of Professional Studies, we have designed our etiquette classes so efficient that anybody could learn and get benefitted from it.

What Modules Are Taught In Etiquette Training In Delhi ?

1. Why Professional Etiquette?

  • Introduction
  • How and Why it is Important

2. Elevator Etiquette

  • Basic Elevator Manners
  • Let women get on elevators first
  • Hold the door open for others

3. Card Etiquette

  • How and When to Offer Your Business Card

4. Queues Etiquette

  • How to stand in a queue
  • Don’t touch or push people

5. Greetings

  • How to Introduce Yourself to People
  • Addressing people
  • How to Pay and Receive Praises
  • Small Talk and Networking
  • Managing Different Persona

6. Social Niceties

  • Say please, thank you and you’re welcome
  • Don’t ask personal questions
  • Make introductions
  • Remove sunglasses and ear buds
  • Expressing & Accepting Appreciation
  • Dealing with people

7. Tips on Timing / Time Management

  • Goal Setting
  • How to Plan Ahead
  • Eliminating Distractions
  • How to Plan a Break

8. Office Etiquette

  • Power Dressing
  • Addressing Colleagues
  • Conversation

9. Telephone Etiquette

  • Addressing on phone
  • Telephonic greetings
  • Taking messages

10. Understanding Dining do’s and don’ts

  • Utensils' proper locations
  • Which plates to use
  • Which Knife & Fork to use

11. Email Etiquette

  • Writing the perfect Emails
  • How to address
  • How to wrap up an Email

12. Chivalry

  • Having good manners
  • Being polite
  • Considerate
  • Keeping the house clean

Etiquette Classes For Adults

It’s vital for both adults and children to learn proper etiquette. Just like adults, children too have a role to play at their schools. Good manners and etiquette are key to a child’s success. From saying ‘excuse me’ to ‘greet elders’ to ‘play nicely with fellow students’ to ‘completing homework on time’ makes the perfect set of etiquette to be instilled in a child. Our etiquette course for children focuses on the overall development of children. We work on children to bring out the best in both academic and sports. Etiquette classes in Delhi and Personality development for kids are our most sought-after courses. Etiquette classes in Delhi and Personality development for kids are our most sought-after courses.

Types Of Etiquette Training  

The idea of the etiquette course is not to demean people. It is about making everyone’s life “less miserable”. When you know what path, you have to follow and what is in your best interest, you can give time to other things that are important in your life. Moreover, a personality development course and etiquette training will only get you success, no harm can be done by enrolling in these courses.

These are the following etiquette training courses that COPS is providing:

Professional Etiquette Training

In our Professional etiquette or otherwise known as corporate etiquette course, we’ll be dealing with the corporate etiquette that helps in developing a more comfortable environment and let things flow smoothly. It's plays a vital role in reflecting a lasting positive first impression in the life of working professionals. Our Professional etiquette training can provide you with a competitive edge in your professional life.

Dining Etiquette Training

We provide basic cutlery etiquette in our dining etiquette training. What knife and fork to use, how to host dinner with your clients, etc.
Since most of the business deals happen over dinner or lunc, we need to be aware of the dining etiquette, if not, bad habits can affect your business badly. Thus, the need for taking dining etiquette training in Delhi becomes evident.

Business Etiquette Training

Our comprehensive business etiquette training focuses on avoiding some awkward moments which you can face while making a deal or leading your company. The lack of Business etiquette can alter your business growth. Without business etiquette you cannot survive in this modern world, let alone the business you are running. We help you with essential skills that are needed to sustain in the marketplace.

Social Etiquette Training

There are certain social behaviours that are accepted by all. If you behave in disregard of them, you will be branded as a non-social person in no time. Having good social etiquette is equally important as professional etiquette. Without having any social presence, your existence in your workplace is nothing. In our social etiquette training we help you to learn important social etiquettes to maintain your social reputation.

Email & Telephone Etiquette Training

Learn how to answer calls and write emails in the email & telephone etiquette training. You cannot write or say anything in your Email & Telephonic conversation. With our specially designed course you can learn all those skills for writing a perfect email to answering a phone in perfect way.

What Etiquette Skills Are In Demand ?

Employers these days are selective in terms of hiring a new candidate. They are particularly hiring those who are equipped with certain etiquette skills that are needed to handle a situation. For example, the candidate or an employee should know:

  • How to leave a long-lasting first impression (handshaking, introductions, business conversation)
  • How to communicate a message to their clients (modern protocol)
  • Image enhancement (professional appearance)
  • Dining etiquette (which knife & fork to use)
  • Body language (mostly at work)
  • Anger, time and stress management.
  • Positive attitude
  • Global communication style
  • Voice or accent
  • Business attire
  • Social skills
  • Telephone, email & cell phone etiquette
  • Thank you notes

Advantages Of Etiquette Training

Having good etiquette is beneficial for everyone, including people of every age. The professional or personal success of an individual depends on the way he/she is accepted in society. When a person succeeds, the people connected to him also succeed. Etiquette training has many advantages, the top 5 advantages are:

  1. Better Relationships at Workplace
  2. Promotes Business Growth
  3. Enhances Impression
  4. Enhances non-verbal communication
  5. Image Enhancement
  6. Chance to get promoted
  7. Good salary hike
  8. Improved business relations
  9. Present your ideas with increased confidence.
  10. Speak with a stronger voice through voice modulation.
  11. Give presentations more clearly and rise in your profession.
  12. Give yourself a boost of power dressing.
  13. Learn to use non-verbal signals effectively.
  14. Get a salary hike or improved business relations or jumpstart your career in top company.

Why Etiquette Training Is Important ?

Almost every organization invest a huge amount of time, funds and resources in promoting their brand image. The employees, as a part of the organization needs to reflect the positive contribution to the brand-building process. Thus, the need for etiquette training for employees is evident. Moreover, statistics show that competition for places is growing at a rapid speed. Whoever performs well, will get the opportunity to grow.

Not only at the workplace, but etiquette are also important in every facet of life. Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur or a working professional, learning how to make the most of the opportunity in etiquette classes can be really useful.

Don’t Be the Most Talented in the Room

Be the Most Competitive

Push Yourself to Achieve More

Etiquette Training - How Can It Change Your Future ?

Etiquette matters because it is a part of our life, without it, success seems far from our reach. Having the right set of etiquette can change your future in many ways.

  • Etiquette Training Provides You World-Class Image Consulting
  • International Certification and Business Enablement Support
  • Convert Your Sense of Style & Aesthetics into a Profession
  • Use Your Passion for Training to Change People’s Life
  • Help You Gain Respect
  • Add Charm To Your Personality
  • Make Relationships Smoother
  • Help Boost Your Confidence
  • Keep You Happy and Motivated

Who Can Join Etiquette Training ?

As the demand for good corporate relations is increasing day by day, etiquette training has become one of the most requested programs. People around the world come together to build a better place and the absence of etiquette can ruin the idea. Therefore, it is vital for people from every facet of life to learn and practice etiquette required to get success in their life.

Students: Students pursuing professional courses or looking for a jump-start in career are highly benefited by this training. Whether it is about the group discussions or one-on-one discussion or interview at the college placement cell, etiquette classes increase the confidence to crack them.

Working Professionals: The corporate world is looking for professionals who know what to say and when to say, who carries good manners, etc. Professionals who are already working can also add these attributes to their persona by taking up etiquette classes in Delhi.

Entrepreneurs : Entrepreneurs who are facing failure in bringing cooperation and peace to their organization as they lack in professional etiquette can get a huge upgrade to their business.

Trainers : Etiquette training for trainers out there works as a train the trainer course. It will multiply the skills a trainer has and provide them with an edge in the market.

How Etiquette Training Upgrade Your Salary ?

Etiquette Training program helps an individual gain the dynamic set of etiquette which is the key to success in an organization. Individuals with demanding etiquette skills are considered best in the industry and thus offered the best salary with a timely bonus.

Where To Take Etiquette Classes ?

In order to give yourself a competitive edge, getting trained through an etiquette training program is an inspiring idea. Classes of Professional Studies provides an extensive training program to fill the void created due to the lack of required etiquette.

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