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French Language Course

Are you confused which French language institute to choose? Then you have arrived at the right site. At Classes of Professional Studies, we provide the best French language course in Delhi. The French language is widely famous around the world. It is spoken in around 41 countries. Therefore, our French language institute provides world-class curriculum for language enthusiasts looking to develop French skills. Our French faculty is the best in the industry with huge experience in dealing with beginners. Teachers here are dedicated to helping you acquire good command over the French language so that fluency can be achieved easily. Our French language course modules are the most innovative and certified covering all levels of the French language. Moreover, our French language classes come with online sessions and trainers are present for 24 hours assistance for you. We also offer certification for German Language, Spanish Language as well.

We make sure there is enough individual attention on each of our students so that everybody can take the maximum out of our highly experienced French teachers. If you wish to pursue the any job oriented Course we can help you in that also.

During the whole French language classes, we will conduct various workshops and language events to provide you with an edge over students learning French in other French language institutes in Delhi. Our faculty works on your overall development by contributing to each facet of a foreign language for example grammar, reading, speaking, writing and listening in the French language.

Our French language institute in Delhi follows the motto of, Get Set Fluent which says all about the entire teaching process. We train our students to get fluent at a very affordable price. Our French language classes are for everyone, from students to working professionals to business owners can join and experience new possibilities the French language offers.

Levels Taught At French Language Classes In Delhi

We at COPS provide training to students from A1 level to C2 level. We follow beginner to higher-level criteria for french language training. Our faculty is always engaged in encouraging students and provide them with a student-friendly environment during all interactive sessions. We organize plays and audiovisual programs to keep our students motivated throughout the learning process. This way our French language course never gets bored. At the end of each level, students are eligible to sit for DELF or DALF examinations to get certified for their fluency in the French language. Lets us take you through the levels our French language institute offers.

A1: Beginner’s Level

This is a very basic level. Here students will get familiar with everyday words and basic sentences. Although, the level is very basic yet it is quite helpful in improving your day to day conversation. After completing the beginner’s level at COPS, the student will become able to introduce him/herself and build small dialogues.

A2: Intermediate Level

After successfully completing this level from COPS, the student will be able to understand sentences and words which are related to personal information, immediate surroundings and professional experiences. With our French language classes, the students can start a conversation with a native French speaker based on a common day to day issue.

B1: Upper Intermediate Level

Upon achieving the advanced level in a French language course at COPS, students can easily recognize the complexity and diversity of French words and phrases. They can even start to read small texts or books bases on simple themes. Students after this level can express their emotions clearly and put forward their advice on various topics.

B2: Advanced Level

After completing this level from COPS, students are able to understand thematic issues and concerns of complex texts. Our French language course encourages and trains our students to take part in specialized discussions. The conversational part and fluency are important at this level. Students will be able to converse in French without hesitation after this level.

C1: Proficiency Level

This level exposes students with a higher level of the French language. After successful completion of this level at COPS, the students can read longer texts and converse in a more complex tone. Students can read complex texts and understand them clearly. Students with this level of proficiency become flexible in switching languages within seconds.

C2: Master Level

We at COPS put special focus on this level as this the most important level of the French language. After completing this level from our French language classes will make students understand everything he or she hears.

Online French Course

Enjoy the freedom of independent study with our online French course. With our best online French course, you can have classroom-style organized study and benefits of technology at your home. Learn French online with convenient French learning programs that suits your needs.

COPS’ online French course is aimed to provide quality education at the comfort of your home. The course does not require you to change your location while studying. You can customise the online schedule according to your convenience. Our faculty gives their students the freedom to ask any query at any time. With rigorous practical and interactive French online classes, you will be French ready in no time.

Features Of Our Online French Course

Learn French online as much as you require. Log in whenever you feel studying French. Some of the features of our online French course are:

  • 50+ grammar and vocabulary learning techniques
  • More than 100-hours online French course
  • Interactive online French classes
  • Learn French online with the best minds in the industry
  • Clear your doubts with highly qualified faculty
  • Polish your pronunciation in no time

Don’t Be the Most Talented in the Room

Be the Most Competitive

Push Yourself to Achieve More

Benefits Of Learning French Online With COPS

Learn French online as much as you require. Log in whenever you feel studying French. Some of the features of our online French course are:

  • Monitor your progress and control your schedule as per your convenience
  • All levels comply with your growth
  • Special emphasis on grammar rules
  • Clear explanations of every technique used to teach
  • Become a certified French speaker upon the completion of the French online course

Our online French course module is highly effective for all ages. There is no bar for age. Anyone with a need to learn French can join the best online French course. Wait no more and book your French online course now!

Why Take French Language Classes In Delhi ?

First things first. What is so special about this language, that everyone is seen seeking a French language course in Delhi? The answer is simple. As globalisation has taken over the world, the borders between countries have been continuously thinning— both figuratively and linguistically. And with this trend, different Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) have been formed.

The USA and Europe form the majority of the MNCs that have come from outside to India for business and knowing a European language like French certainly gives you a serious advantage over others in a job application with these international companies.In fact, lack of knowledge in the French language is a leading cause of not being able to retain positions for long periods of time in these MNCs. As one of the most spoken languages in the world, today’s market demands people who are ready for the international arena. This realisation is why more and more people are seeking to join French language classes every day.

Why Our French Language Course Is Beneficial For You?

French is a kind of language that can open several opportunities for you:

For Business: Being bilingual doesn’t just upgrade your resume but also opens prospects for a new career. French is the major language in global commerce. Having fluency in French can set you on your business venture.

Travelling: France has always been a famous destination for travellers around the world. If you can converse in the French language you could explore France in the most amazing way. You won’t face any difficulty in ordering French food or try the best wine that the country offers.

Living Abroad: If you are thinking to move out of your native country then learning French can be useful to you. If you know French, then you can apply for a PR visa in France and in Quebec nations. These countries provide you with a broad prospect for your career growth.

Brain Training: Language learning can increase your brain’s health by a good factor. This is the kind of benefit that nobody can deny. If language training can help you maintain your sanity for longer, then why not learn the most spoken language in the world? Which is, of course, French!

Why COPS For French Language Course In Delhi?

There are quite a few French language classes across Delhi, and it can be confusing to choose the best. We only ask you to let our past students and reviews speak for themselves and give us a try! With that being said, there is no reason to worry if you’ve never read even a single French word in your life, let alone studied it in school. We at Classes of Professional Studies teach you the language starting from an absolute beginner stage. We make sure there is enough individual attention on each of our students so that everybody can take the maximum out of our highly experienced French teachers.

What Makes Our French Language Course Different?

Classes of Professional Studies’s foundations were laid on the belief to enhance an individual’s career in all facets of life. Our French language course has one of the best curricula in Delhi. Some amazing reasons to join our French language institute are:

  • 4 to 5 students batch for the desired attention
  • Wifi-enabled French classes
  • Best in class infrastructure
  • Realistic training sessions
  • Practical sessions
  • Online classes to continue your studies anywhere
  • Mock drills for building confidence
  • Weekly and daily assessments
  • Flexible timings
  • 24/7 support through emails, chats, phone calls and more

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