German Language For Kids

Course Information

The Classes of Professional Studies German classes for kids help children learn the German language quickly and naturally. Kids between the age of 8 to 20 are welcome to be a part of our progressive society. Through an exciting and fun curriculum, your children are allowed to explore and prepare themselves for the challenges of the future. Our German language program offers kids a lively and comfortable environment to grow and excel.

Our German classes for kids are focussed to make your kids feel confident while learning. Each class progressively enhances your kid’s knowledge and is directed on interaction and communication. While we promise to deliver quality education that your child needs, we never fail to deliver 100 per cent results. Our German classes for kids are led by renowned industry instructors who undergo specific training before selection to our institute. Therefore, our proficient teachers/trainers ensure the children enjoy themselves while they learn and improve their German language skills. We provide online German classes for kids also. Our institution is known for excellence, child-friendly vocabulary and age-appropriate concepts.

  • Course Duration
    3 Months
  • Eligibility
    8-20 Year Old
  • Course Type
  • Class Duration
    1 Hour

What will give your child a head start?

  • Understand the Basics of Language - Letter, Word, and Grammar
  • Grasp and define concepts of Reading, Writing and Speaking while learning new language.
  • Create fun projects and handle gradual challenges with the help of an attentive teacher.

German Language Course for Kids: Objectives

  • To improve all four areas of the German language i,e. Speaking, reading, writing and listening.
  • To help enhance the oral and written skills of your child to help facilitate communication with German speakers.
  • To develop confidence in children by providing an atmosphere of positive learning.
  • To help kids understand German culture better.

How German Classes for Kids Work?

  • No prior knowledge in German is required to join our German course for kids.
  • Our seasoned instructor will be readily available to answer any query.
  • German classes for kids are available both online and offline.
  • Teachers will perform a weekly assessment to assess and determine the growth of kids.
  • Extra session and personalized assistance can be requested any time according to the needs of the children.
  • A certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the German classes for kids marking the level of the course taken.

We Guarantee Accelerated German Classes for Kids

Our German classes for kids guarantee an accelerated learning process for faster learning. Our course promises a five times faster learning process than any other German classes out there.
We administer 3 main proposition into our German language course for kids:

  • Constructivism
  • Participative learning
  • Memorising techniques

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As we all know, the initial years of a child's life are crucial as they learn many new things during this time. Kids can catch up with a new language effortlessly until the age of 15.

Therefore, we insist on having your children between the age of 8 to 20 to enroll with us to permit your child to provide them with the opportunity to learn something new.


Benefits Of Our German Language Course For Kids

  • We offer both offline and online German classes for kids.
  • Your child will learn 5 times faster with us.
  • Our faculty is fully committed to providing personalized attention to children in need.
  • Our German course for kids is highly affordable and interactive.
  • Your child will love to be a part of something so bigger and better.

Why Register Your Child in Our German Language Classes?

Children between 8 to 20 years are enthusiastic and highly motivated about learning a new language. They pick up an accent and enhance their grammatical skills subconsciously. Besides, learning a second or third language promotes brain development, boosts self-confidence and helps your kids develop a sense of respect for other cultures. Furthermore, your child will get the exposure they require to excel in other academic subjects.

Therefore, we insist on enrolling your child to our German language classes to further enhance their interest in learning new languages.

Our German Faculty

  • Our German classes for kids faculty is experienced and highly qualified to teach the German language to kids and adults.
  • Our German course for kids trainers are bilingual in German and English. They have a standard German accent.
  • Our German classes for kids faculty is highly trained to meet our accelerated language learning process.
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