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German Language Course

Are you one of the people who finds German a difficult language to learn? Come study with us. We promise to make German easy for you. The Classes of Professional Studies is the best German language institute in Delhi. Whether you want to study the German language for foreign travels or just out of interest: COPS is your partner in your venture. Our German language courses are for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate or an advanced learner, you can benefit from our German language classes. We guide you to select the most suited level for your career advancement.

Our German courses are designed to provide you with the highest academic experience of our German teachers. Students who enrolled with us are experiencing success, which is expressed in the testimonials and video on our website. Join Classes of Professional Studies and be a part of a unique and dynamic German language community.

We at COPS keep modifying our German language course to meet the requirement and needs of our students. This is what the top German language institute in Delhi provides. We ensure continuous assessment, provide practice sessions, smart lessons, conduct mock tests and interactive sessions. Our only aim is to ensure that students associated with us don’t mug up the things that they have learnt here, but understand their essence and their roots. This practice is the real secret behind acquiring proficiency in the German language.

German Language Courses: Levels We offer

Beginner level : A1 and A2

We provide in-depth knowledge to our students with special attention to the language, grammar, pronunciation and expressions. Our German language course covers the entire levels of the German language. After completing the A1 and A2 beginner level, students can:

  • Make use of everyday phrases and familiar expressions while communicating.
  • Introduce themselves to others and ask others for the same.
  • Get along with the conversation if the communication is between a fluent person.
  • Speak slowly but in a clear manner.
  • Make use of commonly used sentences and expressions.
  • Exchange of common information.
  • Talk about immediate surroundings, immediate needs and educational background in a simple manner.

Intermediate Level: B1 and B2

Classes of Professional Studies houses the most experienced German teachers with relevant experience in the field. They help you to overcome your fear of the German language. Master the intermediate level with our professionals with ease. The classes are designed to prepare you for the advanced level. After completing the B1 and B2 Intermediate level, students can:

  • Engage in conversations with topic related to sports, entertainment, politics, etc.
  • Deduce the highlights of a conversation concerning leisure, work, etc.
  • Experience ease in communicating with fluent speakers and natives.
  • Express themselves in a clearer manner.
  • Describe personal experiences and make short statements and explain professional or personal plans.
  • Read and understand the complex texts relating to a specific topic.
  • Start a conversation with natives without any help in communicating.

Advanced Level: C1 and C2

Our German language institute offers an advanced-level course in the German language. This level is focussed to help students gain advanced knowledge of the German language and sharpen their skills. This level will provide students with the necessary help to meet the specialized demands of the industry. If you are thinking of studying in Germany then our advanced level German language course give exposure to language centred approach. After completing the C1 and C2 advanced level, students can:

  • Read and write various challenging texts, pertaining to abstract topics.
  • Introduce themselves without having a search for phrases and words more noticeably.
  • Make effective use of the German language in all fields.
  • Perform written tasks in a flexible manner.
  • Deliver well-structured, clear and comprehensive statements.

Online German Language Course

Our Online German Course provides you insights into the German language. Without having to spend a lot of money, you can learn German whenever and wherever you want.

With our online German language course, you can converse fluently with over 120 million German speakers around the world. COPS’ online German course focuses on building a strong foundation of the language. We gradually move forward with our students so that they learn and remember grammar rules always. We provide online German classes from beginner to advanced level. Our teaching structure is very unique and also adjustable according to your needs. That’s why we can proudly say that our online course is the best way to learn German online.

Learn German Online As Much As You Want!

There are no bounds to your learning process. Learn German online as much as you want. Some salient features of our online German classes are:

  • 50+ vocabulary and grammar exercises thoroughly divided throughout the session
  • More than a 100-hours session
  • Interactive online German classes
  • Structures as per the standard set by European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Learn German online with highly experienced faculty

Benefits Of Taking Online German Course With Us

  • You can monitor your progress through daily assessments
  • You can clear your queries with German language teachers at any time
  • All levels are designed keeping your progress in mind
  • Our online German classes put emphasis on clear explanations of every grammar rule
  • Upon successful completion of our online German course, you will be awarded a certificate

Wait no more and book your online German course with Classes of Professional Studies now!

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Why Join COPS For German Language Course In Delhi ?

  • Classes of Professional Studies is a leader when it comes to providing German language classes in Delhi. At COPS, we provide training students, career hunters, foreign aspirants, business owners, housewives and etc. anyone can be a part of our German language institute.
  • We follow CEFR for languages and provide training to students from A1 to C2 level.
  • We encourage and help our students by providing them with the best learning environment.
  • Classes of Professional Studies is the best German language institute in Delhi which organise workshops, audio-visual programs time-to-time.
  • For those who want to kick-start their career in the German language, COPS provides an extensive and supportive learning experience.
  • We try to instil the required skills in our students, we help them to pursue whichever field they want.
  • We provide training for GOETHE exam.
  • COPS provides a platform to understand German culture while learning the learning.
  • Classes of Professional Studies is trusted by many people for many years. We have a history of making kings in fluency and we are glad to be a part of people associated with us.
  • Our primary focus is on providing quality teaching with a huge success rate. We offer courses at a very affordable rate.
  • We offer customizable courses to meet the need of every candidate.

So if you have made up your mind and looking forward to joining our amazing German language course in Delhi then COPS is the best option for you. If anyone wants to be bilingual We also help in French Language and Spanish language course as well.

We do not restrict knowledge to books only, therefore we conduct most interactive and the best German language classes in Delhi. We help students to develop a German accent with an ability to converse fluently with fluent German speakers and natives. We also help in short term Course in delhi

Why Our German Language Course Is The Best ?

Learning German demands hard work, practice and the right guidance. With highly experienced faculty with erudite knowledge, we are successful in delivering the students with utmost excellence. The German language course at COPS is precisely designed to benefit every beginner to an advanced level student. Every level completed within a set duration. After completing our German language classes students are provided with a certificate of excellence which marks their fluency German language.

We do not restrict knowledge to books only, therefore we conduct most interactive and the best German language classes in Delhi. We help students to develop a German accent with an ability to converse fluently with fluents German speakers and natives. We keep introducing fresh batches with a small number of students, which prevents classes to get overcrowded and teachers can focus on each student. We strictly follow the Max Mueller Bhavan curriculum to ensure the best practice. However, we charge very less than Max Mueller Bhavan which makes our German language institute, the affordable institute in Delhi. Our German language training comes with online training for those who cannot be present physically to learn the German language. Our German trainers connect via Skype, at the timing of student’s convenience.

Why Enroll For German Language Course In Delhi ?

No single reason is there to stop you from learning the German language. If you are planning to work, study or live in the EU, then German has a lot to offer. Six countries in central Europe consider German as their official language. Imagine how easy it would be to converse and make a living if you are fluent in the German language.

Moreover, learning German is not as difficult as it is portrayed. A person can get familiar with the German language within a few months. But having good knowledge requires a certain level of dedication towards your learning goals.

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