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Course Duration

2 Months

Minimum Eligibility

10 + 2

Course Type


Class Duration

1 hour

   Best Graphic Designing Course in Delhi    

The short term Graphic design course at Classes of Professional Studies is a creative approach towards conveying a message through visual communication and presentation. In the age of digitization, a career in graphic designing is a lucrative one. The designing field can be referred to as Communication Design. A graphic designer uses a perfect blend of visual arts, page layout techniques and typography to develop a great design. However, a creative mind is a key element in a graphic designing course as an observative mind full of original ideas, investigative thinking and good judgement are necessary to compete in a graphic design class. The graphic designing course in Delhi is aimed to provide you with new and original ideas through experiments with various tools and methods.

   How Certification in Graphic Designing Course is Helpful?   

The benefits of certification in a graphic designing course are beyond great employment opportunities. One can create a source of passive income through side services i.e. income apart from the main income and can pace the process of creating enormous wealth for the young individuals. Certification in technical courses like graphic designing land the job seekers into a more comfortable position as compared to others and in no time, they’re transformed from job seekers to job givers.

COPS’ graphic design course in Delhi is designed to open up one’s mind towards appreciating creative wonders of visual design. As the course progresses, software skills will gradually start to impart one’s ideas into reality.

   Graphic Design Classes in Delhi: Minimum Eligibility   

  • Candidates with a minimum of 10+2 qualification can enroll for our graphic design course.
  • Basic computer knowledge with a creative approach would be an added advantage.

   Modules to be Taught in Graphic Design Course in Delhi   

The Classes of Professional Studies, a pioneer in the field of professional training programs, has been constantly focusing on bringing in innovative and refreshing graphic design classes to introduce that edge in its students which is necessary for this age of cut-throat competition. The modules and live projects provided by the institute through the entire run of the graphic design course can help students understand the working of the graphic designing industry. Its thoroughly scrutinized curriculum is adapted according to the needs for the graphic designing profession, helping the students to upgrade to another level in the corporate hierarchy and get the self-confidence to achieve anything and everything in life.

Module 1: Design Illustrations and Fundamentals

This module will help you in the ideation of techniques, develop design thinking and add core skills involved in the digital industry. Build designing skills, explore methodology and find your purpose of art-making. It will also impart the fundamental knowledge and skills of graphic art along with hands-on graphic design application.

    Learning Outcomes
  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Design Basics
  • Ideas Generation and Development
  • Measurements and Sizing
  • Colour Modes
  • Typography & Colour Theory
  • Principles of Composition and Visual Contrast
  • Raster & Vector Graphics
  • Grid Systems and Layouts
  • Vector Shapes and Illustrations
  • Designing of Brand Identities
  • Case Studies, Tests and Projects

    What’ll You Learn?
  • Visual Grammar
  • CorelDRAW

Module 2: Editing and Portfolio Development

Under this module, you will learn about the important editing tips and tools used in colour correction and retouching to improve photos and create digital artwork.

    Learning Outcomes
  • Advanced Raster Techniques
  • Collage and Masking
  • Image Retouching
  • Colour Balancing
  • Using Filters
  • Colour vs Design
  • Brands & Brands Identities
  • Overview of Photoshop
  • Photo Manipulation & Correction
  • Digital and Matte Painting
  • Creating Animation and 3D Images
  • Preparing Files for Print
  • Creating Beautiful Text Effects
  • Adding Special Effects
  • Tests & Projects

    What’ll You Learn?
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Portfolio Development
  • Project Report
  • Design Report
  • Project Presentation
  • Resume Development

   Skills Developed by Joining Graphic Design Course in Delhi   

Graphic designing has been emerging as the need of the hour and is creating infinite opportunities for young individuals who’re open to learning new and exciting things. Companies are ready to offer handsome placement offers for this profile. Other than the lucrative employment opportunities, a skilled student can himself provide freelancing services at a handsome fee or start a graphic designing venture of his own. Following are the skills that you’ll develop during this dynamic graphic design course in Delhi at COPS:

  • An inner eye for Design
  • Project-based design aesthetics
  • Colour and visual judgement
  • Creating customised vector graphics
  • Image editing, cropping, creating and effects
  • Industry-oriented layout design

   Graphic Design Course In Delhi: How Helpful it is?   

If you are struggling with your strict schedule and are unable to take out time for a full-time graphic design course in Delhi then getting registered with our graphic design class is an ideal option for you. Most successful people will agree that a continuous thirst for knowledge is a key element in building a thriving business. People seeking jobs and aspire to work in the designing industry need to realise the importance of hands-on experience gained through our professional graphic design course.

By pursuing graphic designing classes from Classes of Professional Studies, you will be learning to develop portfolios, acquire hands-on experience with industry experts and get a chance to jump-start your career. Our graphic designing course is perfect for those individuals who are keen to pursue a career in the designing field with updated skills and knowledge of the whereabouts of digital designing.

Students will be exposed to the latest technologies and allowed to work on the most popular digital applications. With the help of our expert faculty members on course completion, you would be able to create marvels in the artistic world of graphic designing.

  Why is COPS the Best Graphics Designing institute in Delhi?   

The Classes of Professional Studies is the best graphics designing institute in Delhi. With its determined faculty and an all-class curriculum, COPS has introduced an all-round graphic designing training course. We deem to be one of the most trusted institutes for a graphic design class in the capital region. It offers an all class graphic designing certification course and has been reviewed as the top graphic designing certification in Delhi.

Graphic designing has been a hot career option in the field of multimedia. The main focus of this course is rooted in UI designing and UX planning for print media, web, and television and therefore, makes it a part of the Multimedia Graphic Design course. It is the most advanced graphic designing course in Delhi which is aided by a creative and supportive faculty, determined enough to impart as much knowledge to their students as possible.

The institute, through this graphic designing course, is bound to provide world-class facilities along with a thorough and well-established course structure to the applicants so that a safe and growing future can be developed. So, hurry up and register to unlock this door full of opportunities!

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