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Online GST Course

It is true that, in this era of technology, whether it is a large or a small business, one cannot visualize running a business without managing accounts. Taxes are inevitable and everyone has to pay for it. Earlier, the technology was basic and demanded much effort from the accountant’s side. But now, things have simplified to an extent. With the introduction of internet filing of Tax, the accountant can take a breath of relief. Though the technology is simple, you are required to be careful while filing your company’s taxes. Moreover, since the introduction of the GST, the accounting world is on a roller coaster ride. Thanks to the GST course or e-GST training course in Delhi, people are facing their fear of GST with confidence.

In the e-GST training course, you will get acquainted with the process involving accounts management and paying your taxes online. Getting certified in this course will open various career opportunities for you in accountancy.

COPS’ e-Accounting and the e-GST training course, designed by the best account consultants in India, is beneficial for aspiring Business Accountants and Tax Professionals. During the e-GST certification course, the candidates will learn to perform several Taxation and Accounting functionalities using computer-based applications and web-based tools. Our GST training program assists learners to develop an in-depth understanding of Accounting and taxation in a very short term and at a very affordable fee. The Classes of Professional Studies is known for providing best courses in accounting and GST in Delhi/NCR. Also, we are known for delivering the best results.

GST Course Modules

This is a specialized course to develop effective skills in the field of Accounts, Finance, Banking and Taxation. The e-Accounting and e-GST course will cover various aspects of these fields that include finalization of the balance sheet and financial statement, custom and exercise, import and export procedures. All these modules will be taught by a team of professional chartered accountants, who will assist the participants in garnering deep knowledge of every concept so that utilize it well when the time arrives. Following are the modules we are going to focus on:

GST Overview and Model GST Law

  • Principles
  • Why is the GST is Necessary?
  • Impact of GST
  • Important Definitions.
  • Benefits/ Demerits
  • Different Rates of GST
  • FAQ

Returns Under GST Section (37- 48)

  • Definition and Important Notes to Return
  • Types of Returns
  • Notice to Return Defaulters
  • Levy of Late Fee
  • Goods and Services Tax Practitioners
  • Various Return Form
  • FAQ


  • Refund of Tax
  • Refund in Certain Cases
  • Interest on Delayed Refunds
  • Consumer Welfare Fund
  • Utilization of Fund
  • FAQ

Input Tax Credit

  • Eligibility and Conditions for taking ITC
  • Block Credit
  • Availability of Credit in Special Cases
  • ITC for Job Work
  • ITC Distribution by ISD
  • FAQ

Job Work and Composition Levy in GST

  • Special Provision for Worker
  • Composition Levy
  • Quarterly Return
  • FAQ

Electronic Commerce in GST

  • Definitions
  • Collect of Tax at Source – E-Commerce
  • FAQ

GST Registration & Migration and GST Rules & Formats

  • Migration: Existing Dealer
  • Persons to be registered
  • Registration Structure
  • Amendment in Registration
  • Process of Registration
  • Cancellation of Registration
  • Forms for GST Registration
  • GST REG-01- Application
  • GST REG-02- Acknowledgement
  • GST REG-06- Certificate
  • REG-01 to REG-30
  • FAQ

Other Topics

  • Payment of Tax, Penalty, Interest and other charges
  • Interest added on delayed payment of tax
  • Tax Deduction at source
  • Tax Invoices
  • Time and Value of Supply
  • Transitional Provisions
  • FAQ

What is GST Course?

To help professionals polish their skills and assist freshers to jump-start their career in accounting, Classes of Professional Studies have come up with the most rewarding e-Accounting and e-GST training course in Delhi/NCR and Gurugram. The objective of this course is to provide professional and practical training to candidates who want to be accountants or tax consultants. This e-GST Certification course enables a learner to become more successful professionally. COPS offers specialized GST courses through experienced Chartered Accountants who conduct practical industrial Training in Delhi. GST training in Delhi involves different live projects dealing with the online Return filing process.

e-Accounting and e-GST certification course involve practical monthly, quarterly and yearly returns filing process demonstrated by experienced faculties. Our faculty is the specialist in Goods and Service Tax who are available to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to manage tax effectively. You will learn all about the Net Banking, E-tax filing, Service Tax, Payroll, Advance Tally and E-Banking.

Who Can Enroll for e-GST and e-Accounting Classes

Anyone who is willing to join the accounting industry is welcome to attend this course. If you are from the commerce pass-out or a commerce degree holder then it will be an added benefit to your career if you pursue our extensive GST course in Delhi. However, people from the following profile can also join the COPS’ e-GST certification course to enhance their skills.

  • Chartered Accountants in Practice
  • MBA in Finance
  • ICWA Professionals
  • LLB practitioners
  • Accountants and Graduates
  • Independent Consultants
  • Fresh B.Com graduates who are looking for a job
  • Retired persons who want to start their practice
  • Tax Practitioner

We equip our candidates with all technical elements and online taxing tools. After completing this course you will be able to compete with the industry’s leading accountants. The participants can pursue a promising career as a chartered accountant or a tax consultant in any reputed firm and perform their duties with full confidence and efficiency.

Advantages of Joining GST Course in Delhi

Learning e-Accounting and e-GST through our extensive course will not only assist you in gaining momentum and comprehension required for a decent job, but it will also ensure a high rise in your current job. Following are the benefits of learning e-GST and Accounting with Classes of Professional Studies.

  • How to write and develop structured teaching objectives
  • This course will give students a meaningful option to those who are still wondering what to do after graduation from commerce.
  • You can choose to be a tax consultant or a tax advocate in a well-established firm. The demand for these professionals is quite high. So take advantage of it.
  • You can earn a great salary in this profession.
  • You can open up your own tax consultancy or try freelancing and work online.
  • The course will allow you to gain important knowledge of the Indian taxation system along with several other clauses and acts.

Why COPS for GST Course in Delhi?

Classes of Professional Studies provide courses to help talented people to reach their potential. We have kept the GST certification course fee to very low and affordable so that money does not come in the way of achieving great knowledge. Our course is not restricted to one category of candidates, anyone with a zeal to become an accountant can consider our GST classes to practise goods and service tax matters with the help of established CA and lawyers. The course comes with free GST Taxation software along with study material, GST PDFs, GST Tutorials, GST videos and GST books. We also provide a Tally course in Delhi which is equally beneficial for candidates looking for an accounting career.

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