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Hindi is the official language in India. And a very popular language among foreigners too. Its popularity can be heard around the world as it is spoken in countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Australia, the United States, Germany and beyond. Because of its huge demand worldwide, Hindi classes for kids have become significant. When your children understand how to speak and write Hindi, they can communicate better to the community members in their mother tongue.

If you want your kids to learn Hindi online, you have come to the right spot. Sign up for Hindi language classes for kids with Classes of Professional Studies. It’s easy and affordable Hindi learning program accelerates your child’s progress, enhances their chance of becoming an expert Hindi speaker and boosts your kid’s interest in acquiring the Hindi language completely.

With us, you can start your kid’s Hindi language learning journey online and offline. Our Hindi language course for kids provides customized training in learning the authentic language with every Hindi vowel right. If you wish to teach your children with a different approach that’s specially made for them to understand then COPS’ trainers can do that.

  • Course Duration
    3 Months
  • Eligibility
    8-20 Year Old
  • Course Type
  • Class Duration
    1 Hour

What will give your child a head start?

  • Understand the Basics of Language - Letter, Word, and Grammar
  • Grasp and define concepts of Reading, Writing and Speaking while learning new language.
  • Create fun projects and handle gradual challenges with the help of an attentive teacher.

Why choose our Hindi Language Course For Kids ?

Hindi language classes from Classes of Professional Studies provides a truly unique language learning experience as we incorporate methods that make kids learn and understand faster. Our online Hindi language course for kids combines proven language learning, innovative techniques with a customizable and modern way of teaching making kids acquainted with the language. We have proven experience in terms of language training to both kids and adults.

Hindi Classes For Kids: Benefits

Learning Hindi can be an extremely rewarding experience for your kids. Today, knowing English alone may not be sufficient as many top profiles in north-India require good skills in Hindi and English both. If you come from the southern part of India, learning Hindi is a must for your kids to beat the competition in the job market in major cities. Besides, when you sign up your kids to learn the Hindi language online or offline, they build new skills that define their proficiency in the language. Children can learn from basics to creating more complex sentences with the help of our Hindi classes for kids.

Hindi classes for kids has several benefits such as:

  • Budget-friendly than most of the traditional classes
  • Industry expert trainers
  • Flexible options
  • Full student support
  • New learning methods
  • Customized learning experience

Hindi Language Classes for Kids: How It Works?

We help children at intermediate level to boost their Hindi language skills with grammar, advanced sentence creation and reading. Our Hindi sessions are interactive as we focus on improving your kid’s level of proficiency in writing and reading Hindi.
Our customised Hindi language classes for kids work in five-folds. Such as:

Hindi Books

Our Hindi teachers use their great collection of children’s Hindi books to teach in during the session. They try building Hindi vocabulary through books based on fairy tales, vivid pictures, world classics, short stories and more.

Hindi Lessons

Children will grasp over Hindi as soon as they are exposed to our Hindi lessons. They are filled with repetitions, cartoons and surprises. Kids can easily learn Hindi with our interactive Hindi lessons and exercises.

Hindi Flashcards

Your kids can easily print or download Hindi Flashcards or PDFs provided by our teachers. Our Hindi language trainers stress learning through flashcards as it is an excellent method for learning Hindi.

Hindi Audiobooks

One of the main training methods that our Hindi teachers use is Hindi Audiobooks. These audiobooks are translated to the English language also so that kids can understand the message both in Hindi and English.

Hindi Games

When we say Games, we mean memory matching, word wheel, quizzes and clicking games for teaching Hindi for kids. The games simply assess a child’s progress after the Hindi language class. Many linguists suggest learning a new language through games and fun activities, so do we.

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As we all know, the initial years of a child's life are crucial as they learn many new things during this time. Kids can catch up with a new language effortlessly until the age of 15.

Therefore, we insist on having your children between the age of 8 to 20 to enroll with us to permit your child to provide them with the opportunity to learn something new.


Why Hindi Language Classes For Kids Are Important?

Even if your child has a basic or intermediate understanding of the Hindi language, online sessions for Hindi language classes for kids can be beneficial. Our online instructor will help your kids assess their level of competence and provide personalized lessons that best complement their skills. Our teachers specialize in developing a learning environment that is both challenging and rewarding for every student. If your kid is at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level, our Hindi trainers can make it easy to find the right fit for your kids’ level of interest and proficiency. We offer both offline and online Hindi language classes for kids. It allows our Hindi trainers to provide your kids with personalized attention. The whole process is hassle-free and convenient.

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Our Hindi lessons for kids are designed to help your kids improve reading, speaking and writing. Each Hindi lesson contains practice to build a vocabulary of your child. After completing this course, your kid will know a great deal of vocabulary including animal, food, directions, people, weather, colours, survival and places words. We also introduce kids to Hindi grammar with basic examples of nouns, plural, adjectives, prepositions, numbers, negation, feminine, verbs, determiners and adverbs.

Let Your Kids Learn Hindi With Us

COPS’ Hindi teachers are highly qualified and have experience in teaching students of all ages: toddlers, teenagers, adults and even professionals. Our Hindi trainers offer advanced training which covers all aspects of the Hindi language. They help your kids to develop good practice habits so that they can maximise the use of Hindi language daily.

Kids enrolled in our Hindi language online classes can learn from a wider selection of Hindi teachers, take the benefit of cheaper cost and join classes at their own convenience. We guarantee that your kids will enjoy our Hindi classes for kids.

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