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Hindi Classes

Hindi is the Lingua Franca in India. It comes from Sanskrit, an ancient language that has majorly contributed to Greek and Latin languages. It is indeed an intriguing language. It is one of the most commonly spoken languages in India. Learning to speak and converse well in Hindi can be highly beneficial for those seeking a career in India.

Besides being an official language of India, many foreigners are keen to learn Hindi. Due to the rising popularity of India as a superpower, the Hindi language has made it to top of the list of most influencing languages. As a result, we can experience a huge rush in our Hindi classes for adults.

Our Hindi language course for adults is well known for its excellency among non-Hindi speaking natives and well as foreigners.

Best Hindi Language Classes In Delhi ?

Our Hindi language classes for Adult are considered as the best Hindi language classes in Delhi. Our course for learning Hindi is divided into three parts namely, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Anyone with a little or no knowledge of Hindi can join this course. We have seasoned trainers working on the curriculum which includes videos, training materials on building Hindi vocabulary, perfecting grammar, using conversational Hindi, and forming clear sentences while writing. Our Hindi lessons for adults are curated for people from various backgrounds, cultures and learning styles.

Hindi for adults is especially aimed at bringing out the love for one of the most beautiful languages in India. We can say, it’s not difficult to learn Hindi for people of any age. We have witnessed several instances where Hindi for adults have gained more popularity than Hindi classes for kids.

Hindi Classes For Adults

Classes of Professional Studies’ Hindi classes for adults is the best program for a deep immersion in the Indian culture, explore Indian life and practically learning Hindi

The following are the things you’ll learn in our Hindi classes:

  • Sentence formation, simple to complex sentences in Hindi, grammar, tenses, gender and more.
  • Understand, start a basic conversation and express your needs.
  • Know the right use for tenses according to the circumstances.
  • Build simple and complex vocabulary, improve grammar and pronunciation.

Different Levels of Hindi Classes for Adults

Beginner level- this level is composed of learning activities that include topics of simple degree such as:


  • Greetings
  • Introduction
  • Yes-No questions
  • Numbers
  • Identity, Nationality and Jobs
  • Grocery shopping-related words
  • How to ask for directions?
  • Words for and exchanging personal information
  • Words for accommodation
  • Question words
  • Formal and informal words


  • Verb to be
  • Nouns and adjectives
  • Possessives
  • plurals
  • Pronouns
  • Yes/no questions
  • Prepositions
  • Case


  • Everyday vs polite Hindi language
  • Body language
  • Seasonal festivals
  • Gods’ days

Intermediate level- students who cleared the beginner level may move forward with our intermediate level of Hindi language course for adults. It includes topics such as:


  • Understanding past and the future tenses
  • Using Hindi keyboard or keypad
  • Days, dates and times
  • Dining in and out
  • Making arrangements


  • Transitive and intransitive
  • The conditional
  • Have
  • Aspects
  • Uses for the future tenses


  • Solar vs Lunar calendar
  • Religion in India
  • Visiting new people and going out
  • Invitations
  • Seasonal festivals

Advanced level- we break the process down into interesting chunks for adults to enjoy learning Hindi. You’ll get to an advanced level in no time! This level includes:


  • Discussions on prospects and ambitions
  • Planning and negotiating
  • Refusing and suggesting offering
  • Giving arguments
  • Debate practise
  • Message by nuance


  • Compound verbs
  • Conjunctions
  • Participles
  • Reduplication
  • Transitive, causative, and intransitive


  • Discussion on Hindi diaspora
  • Education and careers
  • Indian business
  • Negotiating

Why Hindi Language Course From Us?

  • Learn with seasoned Hindi teachers
  • Experience learning with real-time examples
  • Progressive and comprehensive learning module
  • Additional notes for a better understanding
  • Start speaking Hindi from day one
  • Separate practice session after every Hindi classes
  • Bollywood angle for enhancing the learning experience
  • Certificate of completion upon completing the Hindi course for adults

Who Can Join Our Hindi Language Course?

  • Anyone who is seeking a career in Hindi content writing, government jobs, or a foreigner who wants to settle in India can join our Hindi language course.
  • People who enjoy watching Bollywood films and want to understand without subtitles.
  • People who want to make a career in the Bollywood industry, looking to join the YouTube community for making video blogs and wooing the Indian community can also join.

Why Learn Hindi?

We ask, Why not? There are thousands of reasons for learning a new language, but there are ZERO reasons for not learning it. Out of various languages, why choose Hindi? We’ll tell you why.

Hindi is a language of mystery, poetry, wisdom, songs and philosophy. Its speakers define it as one of the most expressive languages in the world. In terms of business and growth, India’s economy has spurred international investors to invest in Indian businesses. And people who are proficient in both English and Hindi are going to be benefitted the most. Learning Hindi will also help understand South Asian culture well, which in return will enhance the understanding of the market and its potential customers. In short, regardless of the career path you choose, you will always find Hindi language skills handy.

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