How can We help the kids with distance learning?

  Classes Of Professional Studies      08-02-2021

The concept of distance learning is not alien to us. Especially after schools and colleges are shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, parents are concerned about how to go ahead with their kids' distance learning (online learning). Their difficulties have many faces, including lack of in-person schooling, supporting kids for online classes, connecting with teachers and navigating through various educational websites.

Often, children do not speak a lot about the problems they may face, but they feel the changes brought by the new learning system. So, Parents and educators must strive to lead with affection and note that a good relationship with children leads to positive learning experiences.

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is basically a form of teaching that teachers adapt to teach students online. The curriculum is as same as the classroom training, but the approach of reaching kids is different.

The truth is that the mode of learning is taking too much toll on families. Parents are on the toes, guaranteeing continuous study for their kids more than ever before. Therefore, they must take any assistance they may get.

Thus, here we are with some amazing tips for parents to help their kids with distance learning.

Introduce them to ''other online-classes''

We must introduce our kids to etiquette classes online or English classes for kids or a personality development course to prepare them for distance learning. It helps make kids aware of Dos and Don'ts of the online classes. Their communication skills can get stronger, they can learn virtual etiquettes and apply these skills into academic sessions. Admit it, the idea of children getting exposure to various skills is hard to pass.

Furthermore, parents must think of these classes as an external support which will save them from the hardship of taking care of each aspect of their kid's online classes. Because parents aren't trained for teaching their kids, and kids never listen to what they say, thus, considering other online-classes than school ones is an ideal option.

Make a school-like space

Build a separate and personalized corner dedicated only for studying. Set a table with necessary accessories. Make proper sitting arrangements and if needed do a little decoration. Let your kids help you set up space so that they get excited about their online classes.

Providing your kids with a school-like environment will motivate them to pursue distance learning. You can also create a routine just like a time-table which students follow at schools. Apart from this, develop a habit of brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and arranging their books so that they remember what it's like to go to school. But remember to include breaks in their routine, otherwise, kids can get annoyed and make excuses to skip the next class.

Stay focused

It may not be possible to keep an eye on your child all the time. In this case, you can just try to keep close and if they get lost during an online class, you can bring them back on track using a hand-sign or non-verbal cue. It can be difficult to keep them on track if they are left completely unsupervised.

Encourage Creativity and Efforts

Let your child display their work. Be it art, science projects or any other creative assignments from school. Appreciate their efforts and creativity. It will help them know that you are proud of them and in exchange, they understand the value of learning.

If you acknowledge your child's efforts in a detailed manner then they will always show interest in learning new things in response. You can do it by letting them know that you noticed their progress, the new technique they used and telling them how insightful their project is.

Motivate Your kids

Take account of both weaknesses and strengths of your child. You can help them study the subject they lack the most with unconventional methods such as framing tasks as games, introducing them to word-building games and if they lack in subjects like maths or spoken English, you can find various online mathematics and English classes for kids to help them.

Reward Naturally

Instead of awarding your kids with extra screen time, encourage them to finish work faster to utilize their free time. You can frame the condition as a timing issue where you can tell them they have limited time to finish their work and for playing in the evening. Now, it will motivate them to finish their work on time and play games.

If intellectual curiosity is difficult to achieve, you should promote commitment and success in a way that makes sense. Set the benchmarks which compliment the process along the way.

Be a good friend to your kids

If your child is caught saying mean things about themselves, instead of lecturing, promote self-kindness by reminding them how they would have reacted with a friend in the same circumstance. Tell them the consequences they can face in the real world if they continue to talk lowly about themselves.

Don't hesitate to get help

You're not always going to know how to support your child. Think of who can help fill the gaps. It can be family, friends, tutors and others. Often getting another individual taking over crosses out the tricky parent/kids fight dynamics.

You can always enrol your kids in specialized online tutoring for any subject. For example, if you are having difficulty in teaching Spanish or German language to kids at home then foreign language classes online can be of great help.

Incorporate humour in study methods

Often kids just need to move their bodies around. Physical exercise can lift your kid's spirits and refresh their minds for learning.

bringing humour to the study party can also help refresh your kid's mind. Having a funnier side right now is good on all fronts, including learning and being healthy. Be naive, make wild and crazy correlations, come up with insane answers so your kids can correct you-whatever works!

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