How to Develop Your Child's Personality?

  Classes of Professional Studies      11-10-2021

If you are looking into the internet to develop your child's personality, here is something you need to work on initially!


  • Observe, analyze and understand your child before you begin to experiment with them into a multitude of ways to develop their personality.
  • Every child is unique and responds differently to tasks.
  • Being rebellious is not a sign of being a bad kid.
  • Every kid has a different temperament and response mechanism, do not compare them with other kids, and give them time to settle down and be used to the ambience.

Kids can be low-key or a high reactor, and both are different in their own way. Plan activities to ensure kids mingle with other peers to stay engaged, patient and friendly irrespective of their nature. Also, when children face situations where they turn explosive, it is wise to redirect them to a different activity or calm them down with a big hug.

Here you go! Use these techniques to avoid or own up while child personality development happens!


As taboo as it should be, the more it is used, not only for adults but also for kids. Words make an impact. Never go into branding people based on your perspective, because it not only assassinates their character but also influences other people on how they perceive the person. You also unconsciously affect the mental state of an individual or especially children to believe she/he is indeed like that. Correcting the mistake/pattern of the child is more important than pushing them to have lower self-esteem. Be cautious of your words cause they stay longer than you think.

Good Listening

Show behaviour/character that you want your kid to learn when he/she grows up. Listen and give them the attention they are demanding. This is the time you have to not only listen but also empathize with their problems as well. Stay aware that there is a fine line between being obsessed with your child and listening & giving them attention. Spend exclusive time from your daily schedule to only listen to their stories and make them feel secure and warm in your company. This will definitely set a precedence for themselves as they grow into adults later.

Say No to Comparison

The word ''Comparison'' has been the root cause for many problems as kids grow everyday, till their last breath. Never compare your child to other peer's kids or their own competitors. This does a bigger damage than you can imagine, to your child's personality. Making them feel they are not good enough or are not special is not going to help them get better, instead they begin to accept it as a fact and stop working towards their growth. Respect a child's individuality and push them out of their comfort zone to bring out their confidence and make them smarter.

Non-comfort zone

Gently push them out of their comfort zones and allow them to explore new skills and talents like dancing, singing, coloring, crafting, mathematical skills like abacus, learning to play new instruments, public speaking, and so on. It is not necessary for them to excel through these skills, but to try a hand at them. This helps them understand what they are good at, and go ahead to mingle in the stream they want to experiment with! These are some of the best personality development activities but unfortunately many parents have been keeping their kids away from the field play and focusing only on them growing mentally! An overall physical and mental development is required for every child.

Rules & Responsibilities

Keep the ground rules strong and never bend them to your or your child's will. For example, new-age problems like ''screen-time'' have been known to impact the intellectual and social development of kids. Keep it clear on how you want them to interact with gadgets.

Similarly, hand over some responsibilities to them that they can perform. Make them independent and let them take their own decisions while performing those activities. For example, once the groceries have been bought, give them the responsibility to segregate the vegetables and other items, and ask them to arrange it in the accessible sections of the refrigerator. You can provide many responsibilities where they should take care of themselves and the place ''home'' they live in.

If there is one thing we should worry about as a parent or guardian, it is to not force our kids into fitting societal norms, and encourage them to be their individual selves. Each child is different and the way to approach them cannot be the same. Provide constant love and faith to your children so they can grow up to be confident and secure individuals in times of disarray. We hope these tips will help you establish a good and healthy bond with your children and mould them to their best.

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