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Image Consultant Course

Classes of Professional Studies brings you the most fascinating image consulting course in Delhi. A fully certified course that will open 21 glamorous careers in all over India. After completing our image consulting course you will be eligible to earn up to 18 lakhs per year. Enroll in our image consulting institute and get ready for the industry that is exciting and involves more money.

Situated in New Delhi, Rajendra Place COPS provides specialized image consulting training to those who are looking for a personal makeover or need to upgrade their career. As the entertainment industry is growing there has always been a huge need for professionals who can help celebrities manage their on-screen image. However, not just celebrities, many people from different professions seek out the services of image consultants. Therefore, the demand for our image consulting course is increasing over time.

Image consulting is a fast-growing line of work. This industry not only offers social acceptance but also reward you with a great salary. Image consulting has a lot to offer an individual who wants to venture into business. Our image consulting institute in Delhi is a leader in providing you with all the enhancements you need in your life.

Image Consulting Course Syllabus

The Classes of Professional Studies introduced image consulting course in response to the high demand for consulting in this industry. Our course is designed to benefit students from every profession. The faculty is having relevant experience in the field of image consulting. We help you to develop the required skills to achieve the best in your career.

These are the main aspects of image consulting we are going to teach you at COPS:

1. Concept of Image

  • Introduction to the basics
  • The ideology of Image
  • Basics of Image Enhancement
  • Presenting a personal point of view
  • On-point representation of self

2. Colour Concept

  • Basics of Colour
  • Different Shades of Colours and Their Impact
  • Vibes of Colours
  • Professional and Personal Colours

3. Personality Traits

  • Personality Development
  • Identifying Important Personality Traits
  • Evaluation of Personality
  • Presentation with Perfection

4. Developing Personal Styles

  • Personal Sense of Style
  • Body Language
  • Style of Speech
  • Public Persona

5. Lifestyle Analysis

6. Wardrobe Evaluation

  • Introduction to Clothing Basics
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Styling
  • Must Haves for all occasions
  • Clothing to Suit Your Taste

7. Clothing Coordination

  • Personal and Professional Clothing
  • Celebrity Clothing
  • Sensationally-inclined Styles
  • How to Make the Best Appearance

8. Image Management

  • How to Holistically Manage Image
  • Deep analysis of the Image
  • How to Carry the Weight of Image
  • Maintenance of the Image

How Image Consulting Course Improves Your Skills ?

Image consulting might attract you if you possess some skills already. But having polished your skills through an image consulting course might provide you with exciting career options. Though the professionals in the line of image consulting are born with some skills set but quality training in image consulting will further improve your career prospects.

The skills and ability you learn in an image consulting institute will definitely come in handy. Your choice of an institution will make a lot of difference in this regard. As a good image consulting institution like COPS will help you refine and develop skills that are in demand and teach you how to apply them to drive your success.

Who Can Join Image Consulting Institute in Delhi ?

Working Professionals: Break free from the boredom of 9 to 5 job and switch to an industry that offers excitement. Make your living through mentoring and makeovers. Our course guide you to build your career on your interest and follow your passion for working with industry influencers.

Women on Sabbatical: Don’t hang on the old career and make your own path and start something of your own. Take part in the most amazing image consulting course at COPS and contribute to a difference in other’s life through mentoring and makeovers.

Students Fresh Off the Campus: Try for a career with the new pace and amazing people. Develop an interest in the industry which offers more salary to a fresher. Our image consulting faculty mentors you to have the best in hand salary in the industry.

Housewives: Get financial independence and professional identity with our image consulting course and earn money while working from home.

Entrepreneurs: Guarantee your success in business by joining COPS and get more deals from the industry by improving your brand image and personal appearance.

Are you worried about your kids' personal development? Classes of Professional Studies is providing the Personality Development Class For Kids where you can get your kids enrolled and let us enhance their personality.

Why COPS is Best for Image Consulting Course ?

The Classes of Professional Studies is the most celebrated educational institution for image consulting in India. The course over here are among the best and ensure students to jump-start a successful career as soon as they take off the campus. Moreover, we assist our students with high-quality education and provide a certificate upon the completion of the course as proof of their excellence. So, if you are in search of an institution that can help you achieve the best in your career then COPS is the best choice for you. Join us and build your image consulting career to perfection.

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