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Course Information

Classes of Professional Studies inspire young learners to learn Japanese at an early age. Therefore, we are here with a wide range of most exciting foreign language learning classes. Children between 8 to 20 years are most benefited from our Japanese classes for kids. We offer exciting and fun activities for our young Japanese learners to be effective and affordable.

We intend to consider the motivated and highly enthusiastic nature of your kids and turn it into something beautiful. This is why we are confident of our teaching methods incorporated by our experienced faculty, which ultimately helps shape the future of your children. We promote the idea of learning a foreign language as a weapon or skill that adds to your child’s credibility. Therefore, there are lots of reasons why kids of this age group must start with our Japanese classes for kids at the earliest. COPS consider all four aspects of a language i.e. listening, speaking, writing and reading, therefore, making our Japanese classes for kids most effective. We aim to provide high-quality education and cater to every child’s needs. Moreover, our competitive bilingual teachers are versatile enough to make your child learn Japanese in no time.

  • Course Duration
    3 Months
  • Eligibility
    8-20 Year Old
  • Course Type
  • Class Duration
    1 Hour

What will give your child a head start?

  • Understand the Basics of Language - Letter, Word, and Grammar
  • Grasp and define concepts of Reading, Writing and Speaking while learning new language.
  • Create fun projects and handle gradual challenges with the help of an attentive teacher.

Japanese Language Course For Kids: Objectives

  • To focus on all four elements of the Japanese language i.e. reading, speaking, listening and writing.
  • To work on oral skills to help your child facilitate fluent conversations with Japanese speakers.
  • To build confidence in kids by providing a comfortable and positive learning atmosphere.
  • To help kids explore Japanese culture better.

How Do The Japanese Classes For Kids Work?

  • No prior knowledge in Japanese is required to join our Japanese language course for kids.
  • Seasoned instructors here at COPS are available 24/7 to help rectify any doubt.
  • Online Japanese classes for kids are also available.
  • Japanese trainers will perform a weekly assessment to determine the growth of children.
  • Extra session and personalized training materials or assistance can be acquired on request at any time to fulfil the needs of the kids.
  • Certification of completion will be awarded at the end of the Japanese course for kids.

We Deliver Accelerated Online Japanese Classes For Kids

Our Japanese classes for kids are programmed to accelerate the learning process. We guarantee your kid will learn five times faster than any other Japanese course.
We administer three main proposition into our Japanese language course for kids:

  • Constructivism
  • Participative learning
  • Memorising techniques

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As we all know, the initial years of a child's life are crucial as they learn many new things during this time. Kids can catch up with a new language effortlessly until the age of 15.

Therefore, we insist on having your children between the age of 8 to 20 to enroll with us to permit your child to provide them with the opportunity to learn something new.


Advantages Of Our Japanese Language Course For Kids

  • We provide both offline and online Japanese classes for kids.
  • Your child will catch up five times faster with us.
  • Our fully committed faculty provides personalized attention to every child in need.
  • Our Japanese language course for kids is highly interactive and affordable.
  • Your child will grow and love to be part of a brighter future.

Why Register Your Child in Our Japanese Language Classes?

Japanese is a highly progressive language. Learning Japanese in the early ages has been proved to be the best choice for kids grooming.

We all know that it is crucial for our kids to be prepared for their future endeavours. Therefore, we insist you enroll your kids to learn Japanese with us. Besides, learning a new language always promotes positivity in life both personally and professionally. It sharpens your child’s mind. Make them confident enough to confuse the elders by speaking in a foreign language. Moreover, by teaching your child Japanese, you will open the door to whole new opportunities for them. If you want best for your kids, this is the right time to enjoy the benefits of our Japanese classes for kids.

Our Japanese Faculty

  • Our Japanese classes for kids trainers have relevant experience in the teaching field.
  • Our Japanese course for kids faculty is fluent in Japanese and English. They have a standard Japanese accent.
  • Our Japanese classes for kids teachers are highly trained to meet our accelerated Japanese learning process.
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