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 Japanese Language Course 

Classes of Professional Studies is one of the leading Japanese language institute in Delhi. If you are looking for a Japanese language course to expand your possibility of building a career in the Japanese language, then you have landed on the right Japanese language institute.

We prepare our students for JLPT which is conducted by the Japanese government on the first Sunday of July and December every year. We teach all three sets of Japanese characters: Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. Our course focuses on both Western and Traditional Japanese style. Our training programs focus on all aspects of language learning, including vocabulary building (MOJI GOI), reading (DOKKAI), listening (CHOUKAI) and grammar (BUNPO).

COPS provides the best Japanese language course at an affordable price. Our Japanese learning classes are more interactive than any other institutes in Delhi. We conduct special workshops to enhance the accuracy and usage of the language.

JLPT has five levels namely N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 respectively. Being the best Japanese language institute in Delhi, our course material and trainers will help you clear all five levels with no difficulty.

 Japanese Language Course - Levels We Offer 

With the growing India-Japan relations and Japanese companies expanding operations in India, learning Japanese has become trendier. Taking up Japanese language classes in Delhi has a great significance in building your career. Japanese has a very good scope in India. Our Japanese language classes are designed with a view of rich Japanese culture and greater job prospects in India and in Japan. Once you start learning the Japanese language you will realize its potential and thank our faculty for better guidance.


N5 level is for beginners. During the course, the students will learn to use basic everyday Japanese words and sentences. Students will get to practice both written and reading form of Hiragana, Katakana and 80 Kanji characters. Additional 400 new words will also be introduced during this level.


This level is for the people who have cleared N5 level or have learnt Japanese up to N5 basic level. The course covers 80 kanji and 500 new words. This is to polish what students have learnt in the previous level. After the completion of the practice, approximately 400 Kanji characters and 1500 words will be taught. Towards the end of this course, the learners can achieve conversational skills and read and write N number of Japanese sentences.


Our N3 course is of intermediate level. People who have cleared N5 and N4 level can pursue this level. Also, people with equivalent knowledge can also join. During the course, 600 Kanji characters and 2000 words will be taught. This course will help in enhancing the communication skills to get started with a job in Japanese companies.


The N2 level here at COPS is considered a milestone for those who want to build their career in Japan. With the help of our extensive Japanese language institute in Delhi, you can easily crack JLPT N5 and get a job in Japan. However, Japan receives a huge number of applicants of N2 level every year. The popularity of this level can be understood through the opportunities this level comes with.


This level deals with the complexity of the Japanese language and culture. We make our candidates capable of achieving N1 level with a thorough understanding of the Japanese culture. COPS’ N1 level focuses on 2,000 Kanji characters and 25,000 vocabulary words. After this level, nothing can stop you in acquiring a great job in Japan.

  Japanese Classes Online 

The online Japanese language course is designed to help you learn Japanese at your pace and to make you accomplish your Japanese language goals in no time. Our online Japanese language course is aimed to bring you up to speed with the basics of the Japanese language. This online course will help you in every way.

The Classes of Professional Studies online classes for the Japanese Language features the best learning content across the internet. Our online Japanese course is a dynamic learning program, where teachers are available to answer the doubts of our students.

Some of the perks of our online Japanese course are:

  • We provide engaging sessions and study material for each student.
  • The course begins with the fundamentals, basic greetings and simple questions & answers.
  • Our faculty is constantly upgrading teaching techniques to suit a student’s needs.
  • Our sessions come with comprehensive activities to deliver quality education online.
  • Our online Japanese course modules focus entirely on all aspects of the language such as reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and listening.
  • Every activity or project assigned during the course is graded following with a conversational milestone. This helps to keep a check on the progress. Also, develop confidence in students.

 Why Choose COPS For Online Japanese Classes? 

COPS’ online Japanese classes are student-paced, fun and interactive classes. With comprehensive or student-oriented Japanese classes online, this course is both effective and fun. Students can interact with the teachers at any time. They can practice pronunciation with the whole class or individually with lesson videos.

 Why Japanese Language Classes Are Important ? 

With the growing India-Japan relations and Japanese companies expanding operations in India, learning Japanese has become trendier. Taking up Japanese language classes in Delhi has a great significance in building your career. Japanese has a very good scope in India. Our Japanese language classes are designed with a view of rich Japanese culture and greater job prospects in India and in Japan. Once you start learning the Japanese language you will realize its potential and thank our faculty for better guidance.

The ultimate goal of Classes of Professional Studies is to provide a concrete foundation of all facets of basic Japanese language i.e. Speaking, Reading, Writing and listening. This is why learning Japanese in an amazing Japanese language class becomes important. One can always opt for the online courses so that they can utilize their breaks and commute in learning the Japanese language. However, taking up Japanese language courses in Delhi can provide you with an upper hand in the learning process. Our course comes with creative methods and expert trainers that help provide a vivid experience of Japanese language learning process.

 Advantages of Japanese Language Course 

For Students: Higher Education :Learning Japanese language comes with many benefits in terms of higher education. Japan conducts Various scholarships and exchange programs every year. Given the rate of growth in Japan, one can guess that these scholarships can be fruitful in many ways. So, to get the most of quality education in Japan, get yourself enrolled with the best Japanese Language institute in Delhi.

For Job Professionals: Career Advancement :You can open wide the door of better job opportunities by learning the Japanese language. If your dream is to work with the top MNCs like Panasonic, LG, Samsung, etc. then Japanese language is the way to get in. Japan based MNCs prefer those candidates the more who are fluent in both Japanese and English language. To have more career choices learn Japanese language with us.

For Entrepreneurs: Skill Value : Indian-Japan relations are getting stronger day by day. Learning a Japanese than any other language, which boost your value in the industry makes more sense. Stronger relations are creating new trades and investment opportunities in Japan. Why not be a part of growing economy?

For Art Lovers: Culture Richness : Learning a new language exposes you to the culture of the particular country. Japan has a very unique culture. To learn about the culture, history, art, fashion can be a very fascinating thing to do. Our course is mainly devoted to instil cultural values in a student's life.

 How Japanese Language Course Upgrade Your Career ? 

100% JOB ORIENTED Our curriculum is designed by experts. Our course can help you find a job in a Japanese company operating in India or Japan. Interested candidates can get assistance in writing their resumes, interview preparation etc. We aim to focus on the overall development of a candidate. We guarantee that the quality of learning will be high.

LEARN JAPANESE LANGUAGE ONLINE Are you a working professional? Are you failing in getting time out for your language course? Don’t worry about it! We have come to your rescue with our flexible online learning program. Learn anytime, anywhere make your breaks and commute more useful with learning the Japanese language online.

CRACK JLPT IN THE FIRST ATTEMPT Crack JLPT and grab the opportunity to work with Japan’s most reputed company with our exciting Japanese language course. Our dedicated faculty is always there to support and guide you through the JLPT. Forget your fear of failing and become fluent Japanese language speaker.

 Who Can Join the Japanese Language Institute ? 

Japanese is among the most popular languages in India. Unlike Spanish or French, this language demands proper training and guidance to crack JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

  • Students looking for a jump start in career as a translator or interpreter can develop required fluency by attending our Japanese language course.
  • Working professionals looking for an upgrade in salary or want to work in an Japanese MNC can join Japanese language Institute.
  • Start-ups in Japan looking for talented individuals around the world. If you have the upperhand over the Japanese language then you can be hired easily by one of these Start-ups.
  • With the rising demand in Japanese language, home makers or housewives can become an online Japanese language trainer. This way, they can be productive in both ways.

 Where to Take Japanese Language Classes ? 

Classes of Professional Studies came into existence with a thought of providing with the training that enhances an individual's career in all aspects. Our Japanese language course has one of the best curricula in Delhi. Some convincing reasons to join our institute are:

  • We have kept the batch strength to minimal so that every student could get the desired attention from our faculty.
  • We offer offline classes to help students keep track of their development.
  • Mock drills are also conducted for building confidence in our students.
  • Weekly and daily assessments are done through tests and revision classes.
  • New JLPT oriented study material.
  • Flexible timings and constant teacher support.

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