Most Demanding Language Course For Kids in 2021

  Classes Of Professional Studies      29-04-2021

With globalization and technological advancements, it will be raining opportunities for your kids in the time to come. However, your kids need to be equipped with skills set that are specific to those opportunities.

So, what are those skills that can boost the career aspects of your kids?

Maybe, advanced soft skills such as adaptability or perhaps language skills to remove the language barrier.

Let us talk about language skills here. In this post, we will show you how learning a foreign language is crucial for your kids. And which language made into the most demanding languages to learn in 2021.

Most kids find it easy to acquire a new language if introduced at an early age. Now, it's our responsibility to provide the necessary means to our kids for a bright future.

Here's a rundown of some of the most important foreign languages courses in demand around the world, as well as how learning them might benefit your kids.

Spanish Language Course

Spanish is increasingly gaining popularity among students. Many schools and colleges are including Spanish in their curriculum to introduce kids to Spanish culture. Spanish language course in schools curriculum makes our kids future-ready which is more likely to be a blend of cultures, multinational companies and multilingual individuals.

If we see the statistics, nearly 530,000,000 Spanish speakers are spread across the world. And, over 21 countries have declared Spanish as its official language. Moreover, Spanish industries are rapidly spreading their roots in all parts of the world. India no farther away. Soon we will be witnessing rapid growth in employment opportunities offered by Spanish corporations in India. It can boost sectors such as travel and tourism, government, teaching and many more.

Portuguese Language Classes

Portuguese is the world's sixth most commonly spoken language, with approximately 230 million people as native speakers. In terms of success, Portuguese is well advanced from Italian, German and French. However, as India and Brazil's partnership strengthens, the market for Portuguese language skills is skyrocketing. Indeed, there is a growing demand for Portuguese Native Speakers in a variety of fields, including accounting, technology, technical support, banking, exports, hospitality, and education. As a result, you should consider teaching your kids Portuguese.

German Language Course

Germany is the most commonly spoken language in Europe, owing to the country's continued dominance in the economy. As a result, if you decide to move to Europe or your kids get employed by a European employer, do business or intend to do business in Europe, one of the most appropriate languages to learn is German. It's a strange language to master, with unique meanings. It is, however, a surprisingly simple language to understand.

German universities are known for their advanced training system and dynamic courses, therefore, learning German for kids can be quite beneficial. German corporations employ 700,000 people in the United States, and learning German will lead to excellent job opportunities.

Japanese Language Course

Although the Japanese language is not so popular outside of Japan, it is still useful to know Knowing Japanese will help your kids in a variety of ways, whether they wish to travel in Japan, enjoy the culture and cuisine, or are interested in technology. It's also a great starting point for learning other Asian languages.

Besides, India-Japan strategic relations are getting stronger day by day. It is no surprise that Japanese companies will be the biggest employer of Indian talent in future.

French Language Course

For centuries, French, also known as the language of love, served as the foreign and diplomatic language. Just recently, with the emergence of the United States as a global force, did English triumph as the language of diplomacy. France is still a major economic powerhouse and a popular tourist destination, so teaching French to your kids is a must!

French is spoken by over 220 million people across five continents. Learning French will lead to study opportunities at prestigious French institutions and law schools that are highly ranked in Europe. Additionally, kids with a strong command of the French language can qualify for French government funding to pursue postgraduate studies. Learning French will also help your kids find work in the hospitality industry, design, graphic design, and theatre anywhere in the world.

Chinese Language Course

The Chinese language is regarded as the most vital language for expanding economic prospects around the world, owing to its dominant role in the global business environment. With over one billion Chinese speakers worldwide, it's no surprise that it's at the forefront of the most important foreign languages to learn in 2021. With China rising as a global force, it is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to have coworkers who speak Chinese.

English Language Course

English is unquestionably among the most relevant languages to learn in the year 2021. It is used in global commerce, international travel, foreign relations, and digital technology. Not just that, but many of the world's top countries are English-speaking, like the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

As Indians, we cannot forsake English as a less competitive language. If your child is fluent in English, he/she can survive in any part of the world. Whether your kids take up a degree course in a university overseas or want to work for some multinational company here in India or anywhere, English spoken classes for kids can prepare them for a competitive future.

So why wait?

Get your child onboard to the most exciting language learning journey. It may seem like an extra effort, but making your kid future-ready with useful language skills is more fruitful in the long term.

Do you think that teaching a new language is too much for you?

Then consider taking the help of language experts.

Gift your child a language course this year with COPS

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