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Personality Development Course in Delhi 

Our ulterior motive for introducing this personality development course is to assist people in realizing their true potential and teach some important interpersonal skills. We provide training to build or improve inner traits like positive attitude, confidence, body language, etc to guide students, working professionals and entrepreneurs towards greater success. As personality development is about the overall development of an individual, our Personality development training in Delhi targets 360-degree development of your personality.

Image gurus at COPS have taken up the task to style your personality in the most desired one and give you a competitive edge to excel in your personal and professional life.

Personality Development Training Modules

1. Understanding the Real Success

  • Essential of Successful Life
  • Self-Confidence
  • Never Give-Up

2. Power Dressing

  • How to Dress for Workplace
  • How to Dress for Official Party
  • How to Dress for Meetings with Clients
  • How to Dress for a Casual Meet Up

3. Simplicity and Positive Attitude

  • Ways to Achieve Positive Attitude
  • The Flip Side Technique
  • Play Your Winners
  • Simplify! Simplify!
  • Clarify Your Mission

4. Public Speaking

  • English Fluency
  • Voice Modulation
  • Choosing the correct words
  • Impressive Speech Delivery

5. Importance of Commitment

  • How Commitment Lead to Success
  • Importance of Employer Commitment

6. Written English

  • Email Writing
  • Business Letter Writing

7. Interview Communication

  • How to Face Interview
  • How to Negotiate for Salary
  • Group Discussion

8. Body Language

  • Use of Non-Verbal Gestures
  • How to Present Yourself in Meetings

9. Pride of Performance

  • Passion
  • Strategy
  • Team Skills
  • Leadership

10. Power of Persistence

  • Ways to Motivate Oneself
  • Focus
  • Hard Work
  • Positive Believing
  • Character
  • Give More, Expect Less

What is Personality Development ?

Personality skills are an amalgamation of how well you present yourself and how quickly can you apply your brain. Personality is something that makes you who you are. A personality is the mirror to your true self and achieving your best self can require grooming and a tad bit of outright motivation and persuasion.

  Steps Involving in Our Personality Development Training  

Personality Assessment: Our personality development trainer runs a diagnostic test first to assess your personality completely. We first learn about yourself, then move forward to make yourself aware of your hidden qualities. Our personality development classes follow a self-improvement plan which motivates you to achieve more.

Personality Improvement: If you are lacking eloquence and confidence in public speaking then this is the right course for you. We work on building fluency in your public speaking and train you to leave hesitation behind. After having confidence in you, your body language will also be improved.

Professional Grooming: Learn how to write professional Emails, writing persuasive messaging, drafting business reports, etc. We help our students in delivering the perfect PowerPoint presentation, make them confident enough to answer all the questions during a presentation.

Leadership Training: The First step of our course is to make our students understand certain leadership styles. We give training following real-life personalities, who are inspiring the nation with their strong leadership qualities. Develop leadership traits, talk persuasively and communicate assertively with our personality development course.

What Personality Development Skills are in Demand ?

Our Personality development course in Delhi has all the elements of the modern world. Our faculty is well aware of elements or skills that are required to succeed in personal and professional life. If you believe yourself to be an introvert and you are tired of trying to become a dynamic person, our course is the solution for you. Our personality development training help you inculcate these modern world skills to yourself to transform your boring and dull personality into a dynamic one. The most demanding Personality Development Skills are:

The most demanding Personality Development Skills are:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Stress Management
  • Motivational Skills
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Improved Self -Esteem
  • Zero Negativity
  • Time Management
  • Smart Goals
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Body Language
  • Social Graces
  • Basic Dining Etiquette
  • Strong Public Speaking Skills
  • Small talk skills
  • Listening skills
  • Conversational skills
  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Teamwork
  • Social skills

Why Personality Development Class is Important ?

Building a personality is easy but building a dynamic one requires training from professionals and Classes of Professional Studies provides full-fledged personality development course in Delhi. Since ignoring knowledge is not really the kind of goal pursued by Classes of Professional Studies, we offer certification for professional etiquette training as well. We want our students to be ready as ripe fruit, picked up by top multinationals.

Advantages of Personality Development Classes

By joining our personality development classes you not only enhance your image but also be able to upgrade your inner strength. We pledge to develop leadership skills in adults, youths, homemakers, entrepreneurs and kids. Our affordable program caters to every need of personality development of an individual irrespective of their age and class. By attending this personality development training program you’ll learn how to:

  1. Build a bridge between hard work and performance.
  2. Use external factors to improve your performance.
  3. Discover your potential and get motivated.
  4. Learn to sustain positive attitude.
  5. Adapt to change.
  6. Overcome obstacles.
  7. Overcome your anxiety when on stage, during a public speaking session.
  8. Nervousness will never stop you from expressing your thoughts.
  9. Present your ideas with increased confidence.
  10. Speak with a stronger voice through voice modulation.
  11. Give presentations more clearly and rise in your profession.
  12. Give yourself a boost of power dressing.
  13. Learn to use non-verbal signals effectively.
  14. Get a salary hike or improved business relations or jumpstart your career in top company.

Don’t Be the Most Talented in the Room

Be the Most Competitive

Push Yourself to Achieve More

Personality Development Course - How Can it Change your Future ?

When attending our personality development course chances of exposing yourself to opportunities gets multiplied. Special attention is paid shift your mindset towards permanent change. This means, our program focuses on leaving interferences and barriers behind and move towards a smooth path of clarity. However, the impact of our personality development training is so strong that it can transform your future into the ways you have never imagined.

  • With the right mindset you become more focused resulting in success in every field.
  • Negative thoughts of others cannot harm you in any way.
  • Enhanced business relations will take you to the top.
  • If you are studying, you will be able to focus more on studies.
  • If you are a working professional then get ready to get promoted or a salary hike.
  • You can also become a trainer and help others to become successful in life.

Who can Join Personality Development Training ?

Students: Classes of Professional Studies help students strike the right balance of personality and skills with its most sought-after certifications of personality and skill development in Delhi. Our course make sure that their students are confident enough to face any situations.

Kids: Opting personality development for kids can become a significant life-changing endeavour for introverts kids who experience anxiety in group discussions and facing an actual listening audience.

Homemakers/ Housewifes: Housewifes who are willing to step into the world of business can benefit with our personality development classes. This way, they can also help their children to develop a dynamic personality.

Entrepreneurs: Through examples from real life, the faculty at COPS give an outlook to the entrepreneurs regarding the significance of a magnificent personality and the prudence of marketable skills.

Working Professionals: Our faculty focuses on every facet of personality, from teaching them the apt posture to teaching them the right way of dressing up, all the parameters are covered, as we strive at delivering the best.

How Personality Development Classes upgrade your salary ?

COPS personality development course provides you with all necessary tools to reflect leadership skills in you. These tools will help you and your team to have an improved performance at your workplace. With such remarkable skills, you become eligible for the best salary in the industry. You can even get promoted if you continue to perform well.

Where to take Personality Development Classes in Delhi ?

One must never overlook one’s flaws and should give themselves a room for development and change, as they are an inevitable part of our lives. Deliver yourselves to us and we promise a better and a confidant person with skills unmatched will emerge from the sanctum of Classes of Professional Studies.

personality development course in delhi

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