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    Why MBA is Gaining Pace   

Master’s in business administration or MBA as we know, is one of the most trending careers in the new era of globalization. With the increase in standards of living and a greater upsurge in globalization, there has been an escalation in the setting up of Multinational Companies in India. There are hundreds and thousands of foreign companies looking forward to expanding their business and their one shop-stop at doing so is setting up their base in developing countries, one of them being India. With an expansion in the establishments of MNCs, people qualified in the fields of marketing and sales have seen a boost in their demand as well as salary which has made people consider it as a serious career choice.

    Why Pursuing Degree Might Weight Your Pockets Down ?    

People from all backgrounds be it engineering or arts or commerce or medical are treading towards pursuing MBA. With the increase in the growth of this field the median salaries are also increasing year by year. And with the increase in demand of MBA graduates, uncountable private universities have come up offering mouth-watering packages to its graduates. But with high placement packages comes an extremely unachievable fee. For students coming up from rich business class families, funds never pose a problem but for students coming from low- and middle-class families find it extremely hard to exhaust their life-long savings and burden their shoulders with a hefty amount of student debt. Taking education loans seem to be a good option but to repay the loan along with interest forces the family of the student to undergo grave debt crisis. And often these financial hurdles distract the students from their goals. Moreover, these expensive and over-the-top private business schools promote rote learning and follow orthodox curriculum which has no professional standing and marketability in today’s time. Furthermore, students have to actually pay to sit in placement drives without any guarantee of the same. This actually has a negative impact on the students forcing them to enter into a vicious cycle of unemployment and under-employment. But a certification course in sales and marketing can help students land their dream job.

    Why Not Take A Certification Course Instead ?    

The Classes of Professional Studies provide sales and marketing courses in Delhi. The sales and marketing courses help students receive the education at a minimal cost along with a guarantee of placement at a good entry level package. The teachers here, at Classes of Professional Studies are very experienced and have a good hand at the subjects taught by them. The teachers train students in an applicative and practical manner to help them have a good exposure of sales and marketing management course.

The sales and marketing management courses in Delhi provide students with internships in small companies to help them get prepared to work with big MNCs. It is not the degree that matters but your expertise and dedication towards your field of work. The Classes of Professional Studies have made it possible for students to receive their education at a pocket friendly expense along with an array of opportunities one cannot even dare to miss!

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