A Simple Guide to Learning Spanish Grammar for Beginners

  Classes of Professional Studies      06-11-2019

What scares you the most while learning a new foreign language? Let me guess, its grammar?


Of course, the grammar of every foreign language is scary. Afterall remembering hundreds of rules, tenses, and phrases is not an easy task. Same is with the Spanish language. It may be an easy, interesting and romantic language to learn but its grammar isn’t a piece of cake! Even if you study at the Best Spanish language institute in Delhi, you cannot become a grammar nazi in a week. It takes a couple of years to get a good hold on Spanish grammar. Not to fear. If not years, it will take around 3 months to be Spanish grammar ready.

Do you remember when you first started learning the Spanish language?

Remember how rarely you were able to speak Spanish?

But now, as time passes, you realise that you are progressing. For this, you might have enrolled in the best Spanish language course, listened to podcasts or even tried learning online. As you move forward on your Spanish learning journey, you must have learnt many new words. But, would you like to enhance your Spanish learning experience? Do you want to sound fluent and normal to native Spanish speakers? Yes? Then, having a good hold over Spanish grammar is important.

Grammar works as a glue that binds vocabulary together in a most meaningful way. To ease your Spanish grammar learning journey, we’re here with a cheat sheet of some useful tips. Here’s a simple guide to learning Spanish Grammar for Beginners.

Dedicate First Three Weeks Perfecting Tenses

As we all know, tenses are the most important part of grammar, be it English or any other language. So, instead of focussing on the entire grammar in your initial weeks, concentrate on perfecting the tenses first. The three weeks of tenses practising will provide you with the kind of training you are needed.

Jot Down Gender of Nouns

Unlike English grammar, Spanish grammar is divided into masculine and feminine nouns. Which makes it more complex to learn. Keep a notebook with yourself and divide it into two sections. Dedicate one section for masculine nouns & the second section for feminine nouns. This way you will be able to differentiate between masculine and feminine nouns easily and won’t get confused during its application.

Indulge in Spanish

It is very important to adapt to a habit of writing in the Spanish language. It can be in the form of creative prose or even making a diary entry every day. You must indulge in Spanish to perfect your grammar skills. Through writing, you can check your progress and clear your doubts every day. It can be the most successful grammar tips for you.

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The More You Read, The More You Succeed

After writing learning Spanish grammar comes to another important factor i.e. reading. It is a proven method to learn the mechanics of Spanish grammar. When you instil the habit of reading you analyze the correct way to write sentences and understand the structure of Spanish grammar. You can read magazines and newspapers. There are thousands of Spanish language material available on the internet that you can read.

Make Friends with Patterns

Patterns are important. If you can find patterns between your native language and a foreign language then you are one step closer to the fluency. Finding patterns helps you to remember the basic rule of grammar. It helps in translations.


This may sound a little old school but flashcards can be very useful in learning a new language. Just like a notebook, you can carry flashcards everywhere with you. Learn whenever you have time. Flashcards force you to recall phrases and words with their meanings. Whenever you feel like you are forgetting a word, take out the flashcard and help yourself from committing a mistake.


The whole point of learning a new language is to enjoy the process. If grammar scares you the most then make it your stronger asset. Spanish grammar is dense and confusing but mastering it is totally in your hands. Classes of Professional Studies help you to master Spanish grammar in every way possible. It is important to have fun while learning, as a fun way is always the best way to learn the Spanish language.

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