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Soft Skills Training

Classes of Professional Studies is a leader in providing Soft Skills training in Delhi. The main aim of our soft skills training is to help professionals who are struggling to get heard in their workspace. To provide assistance to those people who are shadowed by the dynamic personalities with a unique skill set. We have designed our Soft Skills training course in such a way that anyone who was lacking behind can achieve the most out of their life. Learn through our fun-filled Soft Skills training program to instil soft skills in you.

If you are wondering why Soft Skill course, then our faculty is ready to answer you. We have highly trained instructors with huge experience in giving Soft Skills training. They are at your disbursal to help you achieve what has been a dream for you for so long. We believe that Soft Skills are better understood when taught face-to-face. Our Soft Skills trainers are dedicated to delivering the best education through our interactive Soft Skill course.

Our Soft Skills certification course builds leadership skills, teach you conflict management, help build your team trust, and ensures your overall development. Yes, there are various of Soft Skills courses available in the market but choosing the best Soft Skill training program is what you require. Our Soft Skill classes come at a very affordable price. We also provide personality development classes and etiquette training to transform your overall personality. Make the best decision and join Soft Skills classes at Classes of Professional Studies to experience a positive change in your personal and professional life.

Soft Skills Training Modules


  • Teamwork
  • Working Productively
  • Personality
  • Encouraging Others
  • Social Skills
  • Handling Business Situations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • De-escalating Conflicts

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Problem Solving

  • Creative Solutions to Problems
  • Critical Thinking
  • Analysis of the Situation
  • Innovative Ideas to Promote Harmony

Time Management

  • Punctuality and Reliability
  • Logical Thinking
  • Planning Strategy to Meet Long-term Relations
  • Managing energy and Attention


  • Trustworthiness and following through promises
  • Inspiring others to achieve more
  • Commitment towards your project
  • Ambitious yet achievable long-term goals

Online Soft Skill Training

Our online soft skill training modules are customised according to your needs. Now, you can also learn soft skills at the comfort of your house and at your own pace. COPS’ online soft skill training is one of the best soft skill online courses in India. Our online classes are structured to provide you with the best. If you want to set your foot in the industry but are unable to learn through a classroom approach, join our online soft skill training classes for uninterrupted learning.

COPS’ online soft skill course ensures your overall development. Learn how to communicate effectively, fix your body language, acquire better dressing etiquette and more without having to pay big money.

Salient Features of Our Online Soft Skill Training

Our unique online soft skill course is for everybody who wants to grow in their respective fields. Salient features of our online soft skill training are:

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Covers every aspect of your development
  • 100+ techniques for problem-solving
  • 50+ hours dedicated to polishing your skills
  • Economical as compared to other online soft skill courses
  • Highly interactive online classes by industry experts
  • Each student is given priority
  • Queries are answered to the point
  • Both practical and theoretical sessions
  • A certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the online soft skill course.

Use your spare time at home and learn soft skills with COPS online.

What Are Soft Skills ?

Soft skills are those personal attributes that can enhance an individual’s ability to communicate, job performance and future career prospects. Everything eventually boils down to building, maintaining and growing relationships with people and thus, skills like communication, decision-making, work ethics can be learned and improved by training provided in Classes of Professional Studies in Delhi which would teach you as to how to respond in certain situations according to what is generally expected out of you in that situation.

What Soft Skills Our Course Focuses on ?

Yes, having technical skills is important to compete but, without soft skills, the path to success can be rough. Almost every organization is wanting to hire professionals who are equipped with the required soft skills. Also, they have been giving disproportionate weight on soft skills training for their existing employees. Following are some of the most important soft skills that recruiters are looking for:

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Building Skills
  • Time Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Judgement and Decision making
  • Collaboration
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Creativity Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Friendly Personality
  • Business Communication

Why Choose Our Soft Skills Training Course In Delhi ?

We have already established that the development of soft skills is very important in this ever-advancing world and thus getting proper training for it becomes equally essential. Taking up the Soft Skills course in Classes of Professional Studies will give you the exposure of well-learned professionals who are proficient and have expertise in this field of study.

  • Practical learning of soft skills course will be provided by the centre where you’d be taught how to analyze your surroundings and build assertive and notable responses and reactions to it.
  • The regularity of the soft skills classes and dedication of the teachers is something you’d not find anywhere else in Delhi.
  • The soft skills trainers keep a record of the performance of their students and work on them individually.
  • The personal attention really helps the students in being prepared for any situation that arises.
  • The results of the institute have also been successful in the past years, producing the most eligible professionals bringing immense progress in their respective fields.

Soft Skills Training in Delhi : How it Helps ?

Soft skills, also referred to as professional skills are non-technical skills that are mostly attributable to the personality of an individual. They are important because they depict your ability to be interactive and attract potential customers. They are related to one’s communication and leadership skills as well. These skills are essential as they often take precedence over professional experience in selection criteria. This is why a lot of people are opting to take Soft Skill Training in Delhi.

Soft Skills Training Course : Learn to Achieve Best

Most high-end jobs and upper-level positions are managerial and administrative in nature, both requiring sufficient time in contacting, interacting with potential investors or buyers, communication with press or media to keep up the brand value and public image, all of which requires familiarity with the essential soft skills. A person who possesses these is highly likely to become a leader in comparison to one who lacks the same. Our soft skills training classes in Delhi aim to achieve the same and create such professionals which will change the future of the world of business.

Who Can Join Our Soft Skills Course In Delhi ?

  • Working Professionals:
  • Break free from your old professional life and adopt a new improved way of working. Our soft skills courses provide you with an edge over other employees and be at the top.

  • Students:
  • Manage your relations at school or college effectively with our soft skills training. Be an example to other students and an eye for the best from your life.

  • Homewives:
  • If you have a flair of teaching and you want to be a soft skills trainer then, taking our soft skills certification course would definitely a good idea for you. Double your chances of becoming a great trainer with us.

  • HR Professionals and Managers:
  • Add a soft skills certification training to your resume and unlock new opportunities in and update your career.

  • Business Owners:
  • Develop the most demanding business communication skills in you with our amazing soft skills training program in Delhi. Get on with adding more revenue to the organization.

    Don't worry for your kids. We have a program called Personality Development For Kids where you can get your kids enrolled.

Steps Involving in Getting Your Soft Skills Certification Done

    1. Enroll
  • Leave your interest in our website
  • Our education counsellor will contact you
  • Attend the demo class
  • Get enrolled in our world-class curriculum
    2. Get Certified
  • Complete our 1-month Soft Skills course
  • Receive certifications from institute
  • Get ready to apply
    3. Grow Your Career
  • Get promoted or grab the highest salary
  • Our education counsellor will contact you
  • Attend the demo class
  • Get enrolled in our world-class curriculum

Most candidates or employees in a job are skillful and talented in their area of expertise, specifically what we called the hard skills consisting of the theoretical as well as practical knowledge. What they are unable to do is to combine the practical knowledge they already possess with the soft skills that may be absent. This inability is what keeps them down in the ladder of progress. Join COPS to eliminate this inability and get trained with the best soft skills.

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