Some Advices from an Expert Image Consultant

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Yes, we all want to be remembered and successful in life. Nothing's wrong in it.

But, despite big degrees, experience and knowledge, success is highly defined by what others think of yourself. You need a polished personality to make people approve of you. And this is what an image consultant does.

The first impression is everything. People make assumptions about others' personality based on their first encounter with them. It is so powerful that it can make or destroy a career in seconds.

Projecting an enticing image to create an impactful first impression is crucial to success in both personal and professional life.

If what you consider of yourself is not accurately projected, it may leave people with a negative view, thus impacting what they think about you. This makes people go through personality development classes or grooming programmes, buying nice clothing, weight loss experts losing weight, or even something as invasive as plastic surgery, to change their appearance.

Only the best image consultant highly regarded in their work can assist in projecting a winning image without fail.

Before we take a look at what image consultants advise and how it helps, let's understand:

What does image consulting mean?

By concept, image consulting aims in making an individual personally and professionally sound. It integrates marketing and fashion awareness to enhance the image, communication, behaviour and digital footprint of a person. Via perception management, image consultants help their customers create powerful visual and personal profiles.

Image consultants may help you enhance or fine-tune your communication and behavioural skills in addition to your appearance.

It's not just the way you look, it's the way you present yourself!

So, whether you're trying to take your company or profession to the next level but you are not in touch with an image consultant, your success has already been reduced.

But, no need to fret as we are here with the top ten advice from an expert image consultant.

1. Maximise Your Wardrobe

Do you have lots and lots of clothes in your wardrobe that you do not dare to wear? Do you always end up wearing the same outfit or combination of clothes to corporate parties, lunches, and other major events?

It is time to utilize 100% of your wardrobe. Expert image consultants suggest differentiating your clothes as per the occasion. Labelling your clothes can help you organise your wardrobe in a much efficient manner. You don't need to find more storage space, you just need to hire an expert image consultant. They teach you to utilise your clothes to fit, flatter and express.

2. Dress As Per Roles and Goals

Appropriate clothing communication is a vital part of professionalism. Identify your roles and goals, determine your lifestyle evolution and dress accordingly to project stability, authority, approachability and trustworthiness.

An image consultant assists you in determining your strength, projecting a winning image and dress as per the roles and goals.

3. Etiquette and Appropriate Body Language

Etiquette is an integral part of the image building journey. Good etiquette is highly regarded in the corporate world as well as in the education sector. Business and social etiquettes go hand in hand to create a powerful image.

The same importance is given to the appropriate body language. It plays a key role in visual communication and therefore, expert image consultants advise a client to have a positive body language to support roles and occasions.

4. Get Confident

Expand your knowledge to sound more confident even in the situations highly alien to you. Slay your competition by dressing confidently every day at your workplace. Stand tall, walk with confidence and impress your clients with super interactive presentations.

An image consultant teaches you how to dress authentically and powerfully to get noticed by existing and future clients. Each session with image experts advances your career and transforms you into a new person.

5. Welcome Feedback

Believe it or not, feedback is the necessary evil that we all should welcome. If anyone has to say anything at your workplace about your methods, politely accept it and work to improve it for the next time. You see communication skills are very important to build a positive image. And an image consultant works on your overall image.

6. Dress As Per Your Body Type

Inculcate variations and personal colours to the type of clothes you choose. A body is defined by eight types of body shapes. And most people aren't aware of this fact. But an image consultant is equipped to identify your body shape and suggest ways to counter negative vibrations and enhance positive ones to create an attractive image.

Every person has a particular identity which they are not consciously aware of. An image consultant has the expertise and the tools to recognise an individual's style and then recommends a solution for clothing that blends the same to produce an appropriate image.

7. Do Smart Shopping

Affordability is a major concern when it comes to clothes and individuals often shop on impulse and later regret their purchases. Many individuals often suffer from the condition of purchasing lots of clothes and then complain about not having something to wear for a significant occasion or meeting. An image consultant advises a client on how to construct their wardrobe in a cluster in an inexpensive way to generate variety.

After assessing the wardrobe of the customer and developing cluster plan sheets that hold roles, ambitions, body shape and personal style in mind, an image consultant may also accompany the customer to purchase clothing.

8. Consider Professional Wear

Professional wear defines your personality in the corporate world. It reflects your authority and accountability. Always remember to wear professional clothes in your workplace and while attending an important meeting as well. An image expert helps you navigate through organizational culture and impress others with your best first and lasting impression.

9. Stay Up-to-Date

In other words, stay fabulous. Always refer to current and fresh styles. This helps in creating a powerful new image. Update your wardrobe by replacing existing clothes or utilizing them in a new way. In short, discover the new stylist in you.

10. Own the Room

Own the moment with your presence. Carry yourself with such a stature that everybody admires your existence. This is the beauty of being self-motivated. It works as an icing on the cake, without it, your image cannot be as good as you dreamed. Image consulting can help you unleash the "it" factor that you have been missing for so long.

So, don't put your professional and personal needs on hold. Get confident and motivated to achieve more with an expert image consultant in Delhi.

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