Some Great Reasons To Learn German Language

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10 compelling reasons to learn German.

The German language sure has a reputation to keep. A reputation for being a difficult language. And we all are aware of it, isn't it?

But what if I told you that this is just a myth?

In reality, if you know English well, you are already halfway through learning German! This is because the German and English languages are evolved through the same Germanic roots. Consequently, both languages have thousands of ''cognates'' which are closely related to each other. Such as Apple become Apfel in German and the word Glass become Glas.

Not convinced to take a German language course yet?

No worries, in this blog you'll find some great reasons to learn the German language.

1. Innovators, inventors and Germans

We can't think of Innovations, inventions without considering Germans. A significant proportion of the most remarkable accomplishments in the world were first formulated in German. The brilliant minds of Germans bagged several Nobel Prizes for their accomplishments in Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, literature and other domains.

If your scientific mind needs some refreshment, access to original publications of such brilliant minds can help you significantly. For this, you must know German as all original transcripts are written in German. Save the goal for the Nobel Prize for later, take German classes now.

2. Learning German can get you free education in Germany

Germany is quite popular among foreign students. One of the top reasons is that its universities have an excellent reputation worldwide. One, for quality education and two, for its fee structure. Some of the German universities offer free education to foreign students with skills.

In comparison to the U.S. and other countries, German institutions charge a non-existent tuition fee. It's as good as paying pennies for a world-class education with significant career growth. German knowledge can be an added advantage to you if you want to pursue higher education in Germany. Now, isn't the German language classes sounds like a good investment, right?

3. Thinking of doing business? Learn German

Germany is home to various leading multinationals. Knowing German can largely benefit your new business to kick-start. Speaking in the native language can attract more collaborators than interacting in the English language. Though English is not alien to most of the business owners in Germany, a conversation in their native language can indicate your enthusiasm for growth in the German market.

In short, learning the German language can significantly boost the chances of productive cooperation and good working partnerships between German partners and you.

4. Want to work with leading companies? Get fluent in German

Having German skills in your Curriculum Vitae (CV) can attract various top recruiters in the international market. Leading German brands have their stronghold worldwide. They have a presence in many countries. They look for individuals who are well versed in the German language.

The country also sponsors some of the largest international business exhibitions, such as CeBIT and the IFA Consumer Electronics Trade Fair. Don't you think attending such conferences or trade fairs can boost your chances of employability? You'll have to clear only one obstacle, learn German.

5. Travelling to Europe? Join German classes today!

Yes, we admit that Europe is a vast continent and the entire population does not speak the German language. But, a significant amount of people know German and speak confidently when needed to. Making it the second-most common language in Europe.

In a large part of Europe, German acts as a linking-language that unifies people from different countries. This indicates the importance of knowing the German language. It can help you explore fabulous landscapes and stories behind it if you interact with the native in their language. Therefore, learning German offers you more land to cover in Europe than any other languages.

6. Germans have a huge online presence

Are you an internet influencer? If yes, then you can't ignore those 100 million Germans who are waiting to be approached by your amazing content. Germans have a huge online presence, they contribute to a greater part of an audience of an online influencer.

So, you can get additional traffic on your website too without even travelling to Germany just by learning German. Isn't it perfect?

7. Love exploring new culture? Take German language classes

If your love for new culture pushes you to learn more, then without moving to Germany, you can learn all about German culture through German language classes.

Germans are known for being analytical, left-brained and top of it, their love for logic. It is their spirit of wanting more and finding logic in everything that drives Germans to excel in every field. Therefore, the nation has created some of the greatest musical, artistic, literary, philosophical minds humans ever seen. Learning German gives you the ability to enjoy the works of art of such great artists in their original form. therefore, it lets you tap into the world's cultural heritage in a concise and unadulterated way.

8. The German-speaking population is everywhere!

Want to expand your network? And by the network, we mean a group of high intellectuals. No, you won't have to leave your country for this, you might find some Germans in your city as well. Moreover, learning German can open you up to those Germans residing near you. Even if you are reluctant to put efforts into stalking the internet, we are sure, they will find you.

If you've been overseas, you've undoubtedly experienced this phenomenon firsthand. German people are some of the most compulsive tourists in the world. you can bump into them all across the world. If you're only trying to make friends, knowledge of the German language can make a huge difference when you run into a German.

9. You can enjoy popular German TV shows

Do you love binge-watching Netflix? But when it comes to watching popular German series, do you still enjoy them? We get a feeling that you don't. You just need to understand a little German to enjoy German shows.

If you know to appreciate a good plot, marvellous acting and amazing cinematography, learning German can boost your joy when you finally understand it in the native language. After completing your German language course, you can add spectacular series such as Dark, Biohackers and Babylon Berlin to your watching list. Subsequently, you can improve your German also.

10. Experience Oktoberfest in a new way

Many people from different parts of the world come together to enjoy Oktoberfest in Germany. Sure, you can travel and stay in Germany without knowing the German language, but to enjoy a traditional festival such as Oktoberfest, you must know how to connect with the locals. And without learning German, you can't interface properly.

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