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Spanish Language Course

Is Spanish your new passion? Do you want to learn in the best Spanish language institute in Delhi? We offer you a promising path to attain your dreams. If you want to pursue your passion for the Spanish language then Classes of Professional Studies is the best Spanish language institute in Delhi for you. We promote Latin culture and celebrate the variousness of the Spanish language. Our Spanish language course is designed to contribute toward shaping a journey of Spanish language training. The Spanish trainers at COPS are highly proficient and assigned to provide students with the best education possible. Our Spanish language institute provides world-class curriculum for language enthusiasts looking to develop Spanish skills. Our Spanish language course structure is the most innovative and certified covering all levels of the Spanish language. Moreover, our Spanish language classes provide online sessions via Skype to those who are unable to attend classes physically. The trainers at COPS are present for 24 hours assistance for you. Being the third most spoken language in the world after English and Mandarin, joining a Spanish language course is just the beginning of your voyage to the globalized world. If you are trying to enter the market today, you must understand that it is rather an international arena today. And to succeed there, it is imperative that you take at least a Spanish language course.

We at Classes of Professional Studies offer courses for learning Spanish for beginners also. We help reiterates your interest in joining a Spanish language learning course, and we will also provide other Short term Course and give way to all of your inquisitiveness regarding a Spanish language Course in Delhi.

So, if you’re looking forward to having the best learning experience for Spanish, German Language and French Language in Delhi at budget prices, you know where to find us!.

Spanish Language Course - Levels We Offer

With more than 400 million native speakers, the Spanish language is spoken in more than 20 countries! It is also one of the most commonly used languages of written content on the internet today. And as far as India is concerned, Spanish is one of the top 3 popular foreign languages taught in India. On the career spectrum, so many Spanish firms are increasing their stronghold in India by the day. It is always preferential for them to hire employees that can speak their language, which is why Spanish language classes are gaining popularity.

During the entire Spanish language classes, various workshops and language events will be conducted to provide you with an edge over students learning Spanish in other Spanish language institutes in Delhi.

We train our students towards fluency in Spanish at a very affordable price. Our Spanish language classes are for everyone, from students to working professionals to business owners can experience new possibilities the Spanish language offers.

Level A1 : Beginner

The A1 level of or Spanish language course is aimed towards providing a simple way of understanding Spanish for those students who do not have any prior knowledge in the Spanish language. After completing this level, you can interact in Spanish with assistance, answer questions about yourself. Furthermore, you can understand and construct simple statements about daily issues.

Level A2 : Elementary

After completing the A2 level at COPS, you can easily interact without any assistance on topics related to daily issues. You can easily make small and simple statements and use them in your favour. You will be able to understand native speakers language regarding your immediate surrounding. You can express your interests and hobbies. You can now shop for your groceries without any help.

Level B1 : Intermediate

Our B1 level ensures the right pronunciation and lets you understand complex sentences. After completing our B1 Spanish language level, you can understand various situations and express your opinion and can ask for explanations. You can talk about the present, past and future events. You can write coherent and simple texts on topics your familiar with.

Level B2 : Advanced

The main aim of our B2 advanced level is to make you able to defend yourself during a debate with a native Spanish speaker. You can easily defend your opinions and contribute to your advantage if you complete this level with us. Our Spanish language course targets possible situations to teach you to converse fluently and efficiently.

Level C1 : Superior

Your linguistic repertoire will be ready by the end of this level. Our course will allow you to have a fluent, precise and wide communication. You will adapt to communicate in different environments. After completing our detailed C1 level you can write clear, detailed and structured texts.

Level C2 : Proficiency

At the end of the C2 level, you can easily understand almost everything. Whether it is a simple or complex phrase, you can easily read, write and speak everything. You can easily reconstruct information and arguments. You can converse fluently without any breakage with natives. You will notice the precision while talking in Spanish after completing this level with us.

Online Spanish Classes

Our online Spanish course is beneficial for beginners, intermediate or advanced learners. If you are not able to take time out from your busy schedule to attend Spanish language classes then this is the best online Spanish course present on the internet today. COPS’ online Spanish course is structured to provide you with quality education at the comfort of your home. It is highly economical. It weighs very little in your pocket.

Our online Spanish conversation classes are designed to make you able to converse fluently with almost 420 million native speakers worldwide. This online module covers all levels that we offer in our classroom approach. You would find our online Spanish classes interactive and result oriented.

Features Of Our Online Spanish Course

Learn Spanish online as much as you want. Whenever you feel like studying, catch it online. There are no bounds to learning Spanish through COPS’ online Spanish course. Feel free to contact us. Some of the features of our online Spanish language course are:

  • Our online Spanish classes can be customized as per the student’s needs
  • Our teachers work 24/7 to help you stay informed and get Spanish ready
  • We follow a very dynamic syllabus which meets international standards and proved best in the teaching industry.

Benefits Of Learning Spanish Online

Our online Spanish course is certified and designed keeping your growth in mind. A certificate will be provided to students upon successful completion of the course.

  • Syllabus as same as regular classes at the institute
  • Monitor your progress through daily assessment and feedback
  • Take control of your schedule and learn at your own pace
  • Leave query at any time
  • Learn Spanish with highly qualified teachers
  • Special emphasis on grammar rules

Each student is assessed at the end of each level. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll with Classes of Professional Studies for better Spanish lessons online.

Why Take Spanish Language Course ?

Spanish is spoken widely around the world. It will be beneficial if you have a good command over the Spanish language. Therefore, it is imperative to have yourself enrolled in the Spanish language course. Our Spanish language institute is among the top Hispanic institutions in Delhi. We deliver to the growing need of Spanish speaking population for multinational brands like TCS, Wipro, Genpact, etc. The list does not end here, many other companies are in pursuit of hiring professionals who can speak the Spanish language.

And once you learn a language as spread out as Spanish, the career opportunities just keep knocking on your door! Be it import-export industry, travel industry, teaching gigs and even the Embassy! Out of so many MNCs out there, the ones with Spanish as a preference is one of the most sought after in India.

What Makes Our Spanish Language Course Different ?

Classes of Professional Studies’s Spanish language course has one of the best curricula in Delhi. Some amazing reasons to join our Spanish language institute are:

  • 4 to 5 students batch
  • Wifi-enabled Spanish classes
  • Best in class infrastructure
  • Realistic training sessions
  • Practical sessions
  • Online classes
  • Mock drills
  • Weekly and daily assessments
  • Flexible timings
  • 24/7 support

Why COPS For Spanish Language Course In Delhi ?

Once you make up your mind, learning Spanish for beginners is easy! One can join any of the Spanish language classes in our institute, Classes of Professional Studies, and we, along with our battalion of experienced teachers will take care of you. Our Spanish language course is one of the most sought-after foreign language courses. We make sure there is enough individual attention on each of our students so that everybody can take the maximum out of the lessons. Needless to say, you need no sort of prior knowledge of Spanish to attend our classes, our revered teachers will be teaching everything from scratch. For Spanish lessons in Delhi, we are invariably the best in the business. Our past students and reviews speak for themselves!

In today’s dog-eat-dog world, the competition between individuals is cutthroat, to say the least. This is exactly why it is imperative to go the extra mile to get an edge over all the other applicants for a job. This is why a lot of people opt for our diploma course in Spanish. Getting a diploma is very easy, and yet impactful on your CV. Getting a diploma in a language course also adds an extra layer of legitimacy to your knowledge of the language.

So, if you’re looking forward to having the best learning experience for Spanish in Delhi at budget prices, you know where to find us!

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