Start Japanese Class for Kids With 15 Basic Words!

  Classes Of Professional Studies      20-01-2021

Do you want your kids to be fluent in Japanese?

Well, fluency in Japanese is going to be a long road to walk. But choosing Japanese as their first foreign language is a great decision.

Children learn naturally. Even a difficult language such as Japanese, you can expect amazing results from them. All you need to ensure they have fun and use the language naturally simultaneously with the Japanese classes for kids.

No age bar to learn Japanese

There's no age limit to acquiring new languages. You can give your child a jumpstart in learning Japanese as early as you want. Our Japanese course for kids is highly regarded among parents who think early language education is significant for their kids. Designed specifically for today's kids, Japanese classes for kids cover all skills that can help your child to communicate effectively in Japanese.

Why Japanese classes for kids?

The Japanese language is full of culture, ancient beliefs and high regards. it is a language of the land of many possibilities. Japan has one of the strongest economies in the world. The rise of Japan to a world economic power in the last century is one of the most influential aspects of modern history. As Japan retains its place as a global economic power, the need for kids to learn Japanese has increased.

Moreover, various Japanese companies coming to India are going to require skilled professionals fluent in Japanese. Therefore, kids who become fluent in Japanese can reap many benefits in the future. Japanese classes for kids will not only help make your child employable but also make him/her cultural. Thus, it helps evolve your kids as a professional and as a human too.

Japanese classes for kids: why choose us?

Japanese language classes at classes of professional studies are segregated in such a way that a beginner always finds comfort in learning Japanese. Similarly is with the kids who enrol with us. We provide a pertinent class schedule in our Japanese classes for kids which can be easily followed by your kids without the need of parents worrying about anything. Also, our Japanese trainers give full support and guidance to learn Japanese fast with accuracy.

Start your kid's Japanese classes today

To give you a hang of our special Japanese course for kids, we bring you how our Japanese classes work.

Initially, we start a Japanese class for kids with basic words that are important for survival and common to every language. Here are a few examples of basic words in the English language with its Japanese translations.

English Japanese Translation
Here koko
There soko
Me watashi
Him kare
Her kanojo
Us watashi tachi
Them karera
Really? hontooni?
Look! hora!
What? nani?
Where? doko?
Who? dare?
How? doo?
When? itsu?
Why? naze?

Now, let's take a look at how we go further with our Japanese classes for kids. After learning basic words in Japanese, we try to teach students common phrases that they can remember easily.

10 most common Japanese questioning phrases are:

English Japanese Translations
Are you going somewhere? dokoka e iku no desu ka
What are you talking about? dou iu tsumori desu ka
What do you want to know? nani ga shiritai
How did it go? dou datta
What did you say? ima, nan to itta
Are you hungry? onaka suitenai
Are you leaving? keeru no ka
What makes you say that? nande sonna koto ga ierun da
What did you see? nani ga miemashita no
What are you staring at? nani o mistumeteru no

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