Top 10 Proven French Language Learning Tips

  Classes Of Professional Studies      06-04-2021

Learning French can be as smooth as a cakewalk or a roller-coaster ride for you. It depends on your approach towards studying French if you want to embrace the language or get frustrated with the learning process. We have come across several students who aim to learn French through shortcuts, but there are none. Even though French is a beautiful language, its structure also has some complexities which require hard work to understand. So, no shortcuts.

We understand your need to get fluent in French as fast as possible. But to do so, you'll have to commit yourself to learn French. And here's how you can do it.

1. Stick to Your Learning Style

Learning French is no different from other academic subjects taught in schools or colleges. You must pursue it with the same methods you adopted to remember different rules of Mathematics or Science. Whether you remember things by reading, listening, or writing them, you should stick to your learning style while learning French. For example, if writing down important points helps you remember them, you must do the same with French grammar rules.

You can make a chart of grammar rules with examples and hang it on the wall in front of you in your study or bedroom so that every time you look at it, these rules get embedded in your mind.

You can also choose whether to learn through French language classes, online French language course, private French tutor, or French learning Apps. The big idea is, go with the style that matches your learning style.

2. Learn French for Free

Paying too much for private tutors can be a big turn off. But to keep ourselves motivated, we need something challenging as we ascend slowly to achieve fluency in French. And these tutoring, French classes, or French course online are significant in providing such a motivating environment to us. However, you can use multiple free resources available online to supplement or benefit your French skills.

The internet makes it simple to check for information like vocabulary lists, descriptions of various French grammar rules, and practice tests - not to mention free French resources of all sorts, such as podcasts, TV shows, books, and more. You can Google anything that you like and take advantage of the freebies!

3. Look Out for Local French Resources

Not just the internet, your local community has a lot to offer in terms of French resources. You can look out for local French speakers who live near you. You can also form a Facebook page and invite all members to discuss French culture in a broad spectrum. You can approach other French language students around the campus and create a French club.

Another way of looking for local French resources is through a public library. Your local library is likely to have a vast collection of French learning resources, such as audiotapes, books on French history and culture and workbooks. You can also subscribe to French periodicals and French courses.

4. Don't be Frighten

It is not easy to learn a new language. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself that many people learned to speak different languages. So if they can do it, you can also do it. However, some may have access to excellent opportunities, such as the French language courses or study abroad programs and immerse themselves in the language. Or many of them approached the language differently.

Whatever the way, however, they got it, they learned a foreign language. So, no matter what you can and can not have, or what your history is if you want to learn French, you can. It will take a bit of time; that is the nature of language learning. However, you'll get there in the end. It appears to be an enormous undertaking, but you can achieve it.

5. Practice as Much as Possible

If you are in a French class, ask your trainer to give you assignments to work on at home. You may find some assignments mindless busywork, but believe us, they can play a significant role in practising what you have learnt during French language coaching. Assignments are a perfect way to help you study and comprehend what you're learning while also inspiring you to use French more often than otherwise.

6. Create a Schedule to Suit Your Requirements

Apart from attending French classes, you must consider following a study schedule in between other activities. For example, if you are walking your dog, you can listen to audio lessons and learn French. Or you can practice French vocabulary while you travel for work. You can find several opportunities to boost your French skills which suits our requirement. Remember, the key to learning French or any other foreign language is to use the language whenever possible. If you get ample exposure, you will reach your goal faster.

7. Learn French From Subtitles

Do you love binge-watching TV shows or movies? Most of us love to spend a significant amount of time watching various series and films. But did you know you can learn French by watching French TV with subtitles? In reality, many people learn French to understand their favourite French shows. Maybe it can be one of the reasons why you chose French as a second language. So, give it a try and learn French while watching a French movie or series.

You can begin with the English subtitles and gradually build up to French subtitles until you don't need them at all. Consequently, you'll probably discover that subtitles were a practical learning aid, assisting you in understanding things like speech and word order.

8. Not Just Read French, Develop a Habit of Writing Too

Developing a habit of writing in French can be an important aspect of studying and mastering French. It also ensures hard work if you write down everything you have learnt on paper. If you enjoy journaling, then try writing it in French. Or, if you have a vivid imagination, you might try writing a story or essay in French. And if this doesn't pique your interest, you can go for poetry or song lyrics as well.

Later, you can review for errors by looking up any grammar or vocabulary problems you might have, or you can ask your French teacher also.

9. Bring France to Your Home

There are several ways to incorporate France into your home:

  • Through French films: French cinema is sublime. And contemporary French movies have a high reputation. Learn about the French culture, and practice their language skills through French movies.
  • Through French songs: French music is popular among youngsters. Singing French songs can help you develop your speaking skills and accent.
  • Through French podcasts: There are plenty of French podcasts to choose from. You can access them anytime you want to indulge in French training.

10. Focus on Small Victories, Not Failures

If you continue to judge and criticize yourself, you'll never speak or understand French. Try to appreciate the small wins when seeing failures as a learning experience. Believe us when we say that even the most embarrassing mistakes can always lead to lessons that you can never forget!

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