Top 10 Useful Excel Tips and Tricks

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There are very few people in this universe who could ever say that they have mastered Microsoft Excel. People can be comfortable but not be a master in every intricate detail in the excel sheet. One should always go through the Excel course in Delhi, to know about the life-saving hacks of excel sheet and make themselves the master of this professional art.

Here are the top 10 Microsoft Excel tips and tricks that can save your precious time:

  • 1. One-Click Select: To become a pro in the excel sheet, the first thing that is taught in excel courses is to select content by using the Ctrl + A shortcut. All data will be selected in a few seconds, saving you the time of manually selecting everything.

    One Click Select

  • 2. Line Breaks: Typing constantly into the datasheet is very frustrating and you might need to create a new line by pressing Ctrl+ Plus Sign.

    Line Break

  • 3. Wrapping of Text: You can use the feature of Wrap Text in the excel sheet. Using this feature ensures that the text wraps at the edge of the cell in which you are working.

    Wraping Of Text

  • 4. Bulk Excel Files: Select the files on which you are working on and then press the Enter key on the keyboard. Consequently, all the files will open at one click.

    Bulk Excel File

  • 5. Deleting Blank Cells In large data sheets sometimes we get some blanks in our excel sheet. It is necessary to remove the blanks from the sheet to keep the accuracy of the calculation. If you want to delete all these blanks,
    • Select the Column
    • Visit Data>Filter
      Data Filter

    • In Dropdown Menu, undo Select All and then Select the only "Blanks"
      Select Blank

    Now, you will be able to see all the blanks cells. Delete all these cells at once.

    Data Filter Done

    Now, you can find your data without blanks.

  • 6. Shift between files: If you use Alt + Tab while working on different files, you can shift between different files at any point in time.

  • 7. Remove Duplicates - You don't need to worry if there are duplicates in your data. By the following tips, you can remove it just in few clicks.

    Remove Duplicate

    • Select the Column
    • Visit Data>Remove Duplicates

    Duplicate Remove

    It will remove all Duplicates Data from that particular column.

  • 8. Autofill: If you are keying in repetitive data, please make sure that after beginning the process, you hover the cursor over the screen and click on the autofill handle on the lower part of the cell, automatically doing for you the rest of the work.

    To use these features, you just need to click on a cell, hold down the lower-right corner and drag down the column.
    Auto Fill

  • 9. Transpose: Do you want to turn data in a column into a row, or vice versa? Think, if we are going to do this will be a disaster and totally a waste of time. So, here you are going to find the easiest way and thus you can save your valuable time.
    • Just Copy > Paste Special > Transpose and you're done!

  • 10. Add Multiple Rows and/or Columns at Once You may need some time to add single or multiple rows and columns at one time.

    Add Multiple Row

    • excel-tips-insert
    • Select the rows where you want to insert the new rows
    • Right-click and select "Insert" from the dropdown menu.

    Now, you have got the new rows in your sheet.


As a professional, you can't ignore tons of data that you have to handle. And as a professional who has done an excel course, it is hard for us to ignore the role of Excel Sheet in daily work. Therefore, learning tips and tricks would make life easier and work less hectic for us.

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