Top 5 Practical Tips To Learn French Language

  Classes of Professional Studies      20-08-2021

Are you looking to evolve as a language enthusiast? If you are new foreign languages, starting with the French language can provide you with an edge. French is easy and simple to learn. However, if you deviate from your goal even for a moment, it can be challenging as well. First, let us take a good look at why learning French can be beneficial for you.

French is the most popular foreign language among new learners. Students in schools and colleges opt for French to have exposure to foreign languages. In India, learning French offers a wider scope. People with great personal skills and academic achievements can work as an interpreter in government sectors if they know French. Besides, knowledge of French can make you more employable in the global job market. After all, French is the official language in 29 countries across the globe.

Intriguing, isn't it?

Now, if you are wondering about successful ways to learn the French language, we have the answers.

Read on this blog for the top 5 practical ways to learn French.

Use your reading skills

If you learn things faster by reading books, then utilize it for learning French. How? Simply pick a French book with translations and try reading the lessons without focussing much on understanding the whole thing at once. Gradually move sentence by sentence to give your brain some time to process the context of the lesson. Reading an entertaining French book will make you understand the vocabulary, syntax, gender, tenses and nouns. You can translate the most frequently used words and try to incorporate them into your vocabulary. The meaning will assist you in determining the rest! Similarly, start watching French TV shows, films, or YouTube videos. It can help get your grammar correct, proper intonation and accent. It's best to watch videos appropriate for your French level but don't have English subtitles.

Use your creative side to memorize gender

If you want to perfect your French skills, you must understand how the gender of nouns works in the French language. What creative strategies can you adopt to memorize gender faster? How about making colour-coded sticky notes? Let's say, for example, use pink sticky for feminine words and blue for masculine French words. Place the stickies on the object with its gender written on one side and French word written on the other side.

You can also create a table of feminine and masculine French nouns with the name of common words. It can be a remarkable way to understand genders for a foreign language.

Work on improving sentence structure

For English speakers, correctly pronouncing the nasal sounds and French R can be undoubtedly difficult. French speakers can only understand you if your intonation is right. It won't matter much if your pronunciation is average. If you interpret your French sentences correctly, the native speaker can understand where a sentence beginning and ending, including what information is relevant. It allows them to easily grasp what you're saying.

Beware of false friends

You must be wondering what false friends have got to do in learning French. But we are referring false friends to cognates here. In contrast to loanwords, cognates (words with similar or nearly identical origins, spellings, pronunciation, and understanding) between French and English may function as false friends. They may help you expand your vocabulary by speeding up your understanding, but they may also be a challenge because you might be forced to use them in the similar way you would in English. They can be tricky when it comes to French pronunciation.

Use French language classes to get more exposure

French language classes can be an enormous help for beginners. You can get the right exposure from the language experts teaching in the French classes. Even if you practice French at home, you need to invest daily in French through a structured medium. Thanks to the internet, you can benefit from a wide array of French language course that too at a very convenient fee. If you don't want to spend at all on French classes, try free lessons available on YouTube. All you need is to subscribe to a channel.

So, these are the top 5 practical ways to learn French. These suggestions can complement you with a French language course and accelerate your learning process.

Nowadays, you can enroll your kids too in french classes for kids. It would be a good decision to let your kids also learn the french language.

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