Top Foreign Language Course For Kids in 2021

  Classes Of Professional Studies      01-01-2021

Today, there are 7,117 known languages in the world. This makes choosing the right foreign language to teach your kids an important decision. However, the decision can be based on one's intent and prospects of the language.

Exposing your child to any language can not only help enhance their academic performance but also place them far above any monolingual candidate in the eyes of future employers. Inspiring bilingualism in our children is a reasonable strategy for any parent who wishes not only to enhance their child's employment prospects but also to foster curiosity to explore the world and the appreciation of other cultures all important skills in our increasingly globalized world.

Research suggests the sooner you expose your child to a foreign language the better. Besides, there are various ways to determine which language would be the best option for your child.

Here are a few parameters parents should consider before teaching their kids a new language:

  1. Commonly Spoken Languages: If your primary concern is to expose your child to one of the most spoken languages, excluding English, the three most common languages in the world are Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic.
  2. Languages of the Emerging Economies: If you focus to improve business prospects, then select those languages from the fastest-growing economies in the world. You can consider the Russian, Chinese, Malay and Indonesian languages for the same.
  3. Languages for the Travel: English remains at the top of the list of foreign languages that are most useful for travel. Besides English, the languages spoken in the largest number of countries are Arabic, French and Spanish. This is the only list that includes French, a popular choice with Indian students, in the top three.

The above-mentioned guide should assist you in confidently determining your choice.

Children between the ages 2-10 years have brains best for acquiring a foreign language. You can also consider teaching not only one language but two or three at once.

Here is a list of common foreign language course for kids to start with:

Spanish Language Course for kids

With over 300 million speakers globally, Spanish has become the second most widely spoken languages in the world. This makes Spanish speaking countries one of the largest markets for jobs and business. It is also one of the most common languages in the world for travel.

Employers seek candidates who can fluently speak Spanish in almost every profession. Moreover, Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Spanish-speaking countries in Europe. Also, because of its Latin roots, almost the same alphabet and vocabulary rules, Spanish is one of the simplest languages for an English speaker to learn. You can imagine now how effective a Spanish language course for kids can be for your child.

French Language Course for Kids

French is another language course which proved to be beneficial for kids at an early age. After all, it is the most widely studied language worldwide. It is an official language of 29 nations with 200 million speakers in the world. Moreover, it is one of the six official languages in the UN.

Many people travel to France to enjoy rich art tradition, fine cuisine, high fashion and wine. Therefore, French continue to remain one of the most widely used languages in terms of literature, learning, fashion and the culinary arts. You will find French language courses for kids really helpful if your child has an interest in the fashion industry.

German Language Course for Kids

German is a terrific language for a kid who knows English to start learning. With over 120 million speakers in the world, it has become the tenth widely spoken language worldwide. It is mainly spoken in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Furthermore, Germany is a hub of the world's leading businesses. German is a highly regarded language in the fields of science also. With the growing demand for German-speaking professionals, opportunities for German-speakers are also increased. Thus, increasing the demand for a well structured German language course for kids.

Chinese Language Course for Kids

Chinese has over 1 billion speakers globally. It is also among the six languages of the United Nations. It is a tonal language that uses pitch to distinguish its grammatical or lexical meanings.

The earlier a kid begins to acquire this language, the easier it is for them to pick up on the differences in tone and begin employing them correctly.

Japanese Language Course for Kids

Japanese language course for kids is the most sought after foreign language course today. Mainly because of the popularity of Japanese culture and its heritage around the world. The country is home to many multinational organizations and some of the world's leading manufacturing enterprises and businesses.

Growing business opportunities and International political developments have led to increasing demand for international workers who can speak Japanese fluently. Yet another great reason to teach your kid Japanese.

English Language Course for Kids

After Spanish and Chinese, English is the world's most widely spoken language in the world. English language course for kids is famous among most of the Indian parents as it has over 335 million speakers globally. Knowledge of the English language can make your kids confident. They can participate in various international events such as spelling bee, Olympiads, games and debates. English classes for kids boosts confidence in your child and provides them with an edge over other students of the same age.

Boost Your Child's Chances excelling

Teaching your kids a foreign language provides them with an amazing additional skill that can significantly enhance their employability. They will also gain from greatly improved networking possibilities and a host of mental skills from the process that can help improve almost all aspects of their academic and professional career.

Be a Language Enthusiast With COPS

Learning a new foreign language can be easy, effective and fun with Classes of Professional Studies. We make the learning experience the way it should be i.e. a positive one. Just remember to encourage your little ones to learn a second language and prepare them for the global economy.

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