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Train The Trainer

In the age of never-ending competition, the need to gain skills has been in demand. And, the only way to gain professional skills is to learn from the best. But, if the trainer doesn’t know about their student’s weak points and strongest suit, the students gain less and lose more. Therefore, a trainer must have the best training skills. This is where the concept Train the Trainer steps in.

If you urge to become a trainer and want to set a benchmark as a training industry and gain a practical overview of the entire training process through modeling of the best practices and latest techniques in training delivery, then enroll in Classes of Professional Studies for the best Train the Trainer program. Our exclusive train the trainer course is focused to deliver quality education to all the trainers seeking a future in the skill management sector. COPS’ train the trainer course module is designed to meet the rapidly developing challenges of the training market.

We understand the need to be a perfectionist to help others in their personal and professional growth, therefore, our course is the perfect way to start moving towards living your dream. Like any realm of study, training has techniques, principles and methodologies, too. While this may differ in their applications the fundamentals stay the same. Our train the trainer training program uses top-class training methods blended with interactive sessions which resolve issues related fundamentals and methodologies of the training.

Train The Trainer Course

Our train the trainer course will help launch a successful training career with the most effective techniques and practices that will develop the aspirant with a strong foundation in all the necessary training skills needed to impart objective training for all the candidates. Train the Trainer course will assist you to develop competency and necessary skills to begin their career as a certified trainer.

Trainers who train the students for a better tomorrow often teach professional skills and these trainers sometimes find it hard to cope up with complex professional situations. These trainers require adequate training themselves to be the best in their profession. Thus, COPS’ extensive train the trainer classes are focused to make you a competitive, most successful, most-loved teacher of all.

Most of the students get enrolled in an institute after judging the trainer or following a famous trainer known for his/her powerful delivery of education. Therefore, every institute looks for a trainer with a dynamic teaching style and catchy personality and who keeps a few tricks up his sleeves for teaching students. Also, to be able to deliver all these qualities, you must receive your training in Train the Trainer course at the outset.

Train The Trainer Module

Our train the trainer course module will assist you to become a confident and effective instructor. Since our objective is to make you able to deliver training related to the course that is already developed, there will be both a practical and theoretical approach to the training. We have organized each module intending to boost your teaching skills with steady progress.

Train the trainer classes are organized in a series of modules that provide a structured guide to developing the key competencies in teaching and training. Each module of our train the trainer course will focus on one competency area and take you through the essential areas and questions that you will need to address in developing competence in that area.

The following are the modules of our train the trainer classes that comprise our intensive training.

Module 1

Principles of Learning

Module 2

Instructional Methods

Module 3

Lesson Planning and Preparation

Module 4

Teaching and Learning resources

Module 5

Evaluating Teaching and Learning

Module 6

Assessing Learner Performance

Module 7

Course Development

Module 8

Team Building

Module 9

Presentation Skills

Module 10

Facilitation Skills

Module 11

Training Design

Module 12

Learning Space Design

Module 13

Classroom Management

Module 14

Experiential Learning

Train The Trainer Certification

• The training will make trainers more authoritative. If you want learners to pay attention, be engaged and retain the information they’re being taught, it’s important they feel it’s coming from an authority figure.

• The training will improve the trainers’ delivery method. After completing this course you will be able to deliver knowledge preciseness and let students understand better. The classes will be more engaging than before.

• By getting trained in train the trainer certification course, a trainer can develop leadership qualities and they are better prepared to facilitate this interactivity and make the most of it.

• Train the trainer certification course can be a simplified way to introduce elements of learning, human psychology and the importance of the subject matter.

• You can develop a better understanding of how to appeal to a diverse learning audience and make the knowledge stick into their minds.

What You Would Get From This Course ?

By attending this Train the trainer course, you will develop strong presentation skills, gain confidence and enhance your skills. During the train the trainer program, you will learn:

  • How to write and develop structured teaching objectives
  • The elements of education theory
  • How to use different techniques and adapt learning styles
  • How to manage large and small groups
  • How to deliver and set up effective teaching sessions
  • How to coach students
  • How to give motivational feedback
  • How to deal with the difficult students

Who Should Pursue This Course ?

Train the Trainer module is designed for anyone who has a zeal for giving training. The comprehensive training enables a trainer to become a master trainer. These profiles are more than welcome to join our Train the Trainer program:

  • Corporate Trainers
  • Behavioral Trainers
  • Freelancers Trainers
  • Soft Skill Trainers
  • Human Resource Executives Trainers
  • Communication Trainers
  • Individuals with a passion for training and teaching
  • Training Managers
  • Facilitators and Coordinators
  • Insurance Trainers
  • MBA Trainers
  • Process Trainers
  • Voice and accent Trainers

How COPS Can Be Of Assistance ?

Training to be the best in teaching is a kind of art itself. And, learning the art from an institute that is known for the best short term professional courses in Delhi is a thing of another level. Classes of Professional Studies is one of the pioneer institutions that train the trainers. We have the best resources to train people and make them ready for their professional and personal life. We offer personality development classes in Delhi along with the train the trainer sessions. Once you get groomed by the seasoned trainers here, you will find it easy to get certified and deliver great training yourself. Our train the trainer certification program is designed and delivered by industry experts. We believe our unique hands-on experiential learning and training experience blended with cutting edge technology will provide learners with the best platform to explore and learn.

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