What is Tally ERP9?

  Classes of Professional Studies      24-12-2019

Tally ERP9 is an accounting software primarily used in India. It is popular among most of the small or medium enterprises. Tally provides complete accounting solutions to track and manage all transactions related queries. Tally ERP9 helps manage GST filing. It is a combination of control, function and inbuilt customizability. Tally ERP9 is very easy to operate. After attending Tally Classes in Delhi you can become a pro in creating ledgers, invoice, etc.

Tally ERP9 allows business owners and their clients to interact in accounts related discussions. It is a very simple product which offers comprehensive business features such as Finance, accounting, inventory, purchase, point of sales, sales, manufacturing, job costing, branch management, payroll and GST compliance capabilities.

Steps Involving to Use Tally ERP9

Tally ERP9 works the same way as we used to maintain accounts manually in books with entries as credit and debit. The only difference is that maintaining accounts in Tally involves digital practices instead of old school pen and paper. In Tally ERP9, we create entries in the same way, as credit and debit. By following these steps with effective training in Tally in Tally Institute in Delhi you can easily learn to operate Tally ERP9.

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Step 1: Installation:-

Tally ERP9 accounting software is available on the Tally Website. You can purchase and download it from there. There is an option of downloading a 30-day trial version if you want to be sure of using it. Tally 9 is compatible with windows only. Tally ERP9 comes with the Educational Mode, this mode allows you to understand how to use the software without having to purchase a license. Though this mode is helpful but some features are restricted in educational mode.

Step 2: Installation:-

Tally ERP9 is so comfortable to use that it can be navigated through the keyboard. Tally has a shortcut key for every operation that it does. The shortcut is usually the key displayed next to each available option. Many Tally courses in Delhi put emphasis on Tally shortcuts to make operating in Tally ERP9 easy.

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Step 3: Create a Company:-

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Avoid Putting the Pressure of Expectation

To enjoy the benefits of Tally ERP9, we will first create a company in the program. This is the first most important step in adding top most required company details while managing accounts. It is mandatory to create a company even if you have no intentions of using Tally ERP9 professionally. Follow these steps to create a company:

#1: In the menu bar click on “Create Company
#2: Enter Company details:

  • The company name should be the same as it appears on the banking records.
  • Enter the company, statuary compliance, address, email and telephone number.

#3: Turn on “Auto Backup” to ensure the recovery of your lost data.
#4: Choose your currency.
#5: You can set Tally to Account mode and Inventory with Accounts mode by selecting options from the maintain menu.
#6: Enter the commencement of your financial year and opening date for the books.

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Step 4: Usage:-

#1: Creating Ledgers.

First, understand what ledgers are for. Ledgers are created to record all of the transaction in them.  You will be required to create one ledger for each account that they do business with. Two ledgers are already there i.e. “Profit and Loss Account” and “Cash”. You can create as many ledgers as you need.

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How to create ledgers?

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  • Select Gateway of Tally then Select Account’s Info Then Click on Ledger then Select Create.
  • Choose the required group to assign your ledger. It is a very important step.
  • Assign your ledger with a name
  • Enter an opening balance.

Step 5: Creating Vouchers:-

Vouchers contain important details of company’s financial transaction. All aspects of the business are performed using vouchers. Tally ERP9 is geared with various popular Vouchers pre-configured for usage.

How to Create vouchers?

  • Open Voucher screen
  • Choose the type of voucher you want to create
  • Enter the required fields

Note: The information can vary depending on the type of voucher you choose


Tally is highly effective and the most popular accounting tool which makes the life of an accountant easier. If you were a commerce student and you are looking to develop a career in accounting then, takin Tally course is important for you. Classes of Professional Studies can help you overcome your doubts and fears about Tally ERP9 and led you on the path of a successful accounting career.

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