Why Do We Need Soft Skills Training?

  Classes Of Professional Studies      17-03-2021

Why is soft skill training important? Answer the following questions and find out why.

Question 1: When visiting a bank, would you prefer an employee who is pleasant and readily delivers information to you or an employee who treats you just like an ordinary customer and refuses to help you?

Question 2: When checking-in at a hotel, would you prefer an upbeat host with a positive attitude and always willing to help or the one who is uncooperative and does not admit his mistakes?

Question 3: While facing a challenging situation at the workplace, would you rely on a colleague who always motivates you and has eminent work ethics or the one who is self-centred and picks out faults in your work?

We know what your answers will be.

But, did you notice all your preferable candidates had one thing in common? That is fine interpersonal skills, or you can say soft skills.

Thus, hard skills get you hired, whereas soft skills make you a leader, reachable and retainable in the organization. Your attitude towards work, work ethic, EI and other personal attributes together contributes to a successful career.

Now, let's get on to it.

What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are intangible, personality focused and transferable. Unlike hard skills, soft skills are not job-specific but people-specific. While you gain hard skills through institutional education, practical assignments and certificates programs, soft skills are acquired through interpersonal relations and a deep study of human nature.

To sum up, both skills require different training and should be considered equally important for a successful career.

Why Do We Need Soft Skills Training?

Sadly, soft skills training is overlooked because hard skills are tangible and soft skills are not. Consequently, you focus on honing your hard skills and acquiring degrees for the same but forget to improve yourself as a person. But, recent times have shown how significant soft skills have become to survive in the industry.

Most of the job profiles require a certain set of soft skills from a candidate. Soft skills such as time management, adaptability, leadership, empathy, productivity, creativity and confidence are crucial for personal and professional growth. And the good news is, you can instil them with the help of a certified soft skills training program.

We need soft skills training for various reasons such as:

1. To improve the working environment

It is probably the most obvious reason for soft skills training. If you work on your people skills and achieve tolerance to handle critical situations, you can create a friendly working environment for yourself and others.

2. To increase productivity

Soft skills such as staying focused, planning, organizing, and strategizing help in balancing multiple projects, meeting a deadline and addressing errors. With soft skills training, you can work a hundred times more effectively than before.

3. To enhance customer relationships

You can actively listen to your customers, identify their problems and effectively provide solutions to them. Soft skills and personality development training is likely to make you more compassionate and teach you how to show empathy whenever required. These skills can largely impact your customer service.

4. To boost sales

If you are a sales professional, soft skills will support you during the sales negotiating process. You may use these skills to connect with clients on a more intimate level while maintaining essential professional boundaries, which your clients can also appreciate. When you take the extra time to discuss your clients' pain points and provide them with the right approach, the deal can happen on its own.

5. To maximise employee retention

Since you invested in an organization's professional development, the company will be able to retain more talent. You can maintain your position in the organization and in return, they can save money by reducing the need to recruit and train replacement employees.

How To Determine That You Need Soft Skills Training?

You have a soft skills shortage when you have a lot of technical skills but none of the soft skills. Interpersonal skills complement hard skills and allow the individual to fully leverage its technological expertise.

Ask the following questions to yourself to know if you need soft skills training:

  • If you're great at solving technical issues but not so great at keeping your colleagues close, you probably have a soft skills void.
  • If you are a lone wolf and face difficulty in working in teams, you probably have a soft skills deficit.
  • When you are a manager but not a true leader, there is a soft skills gap in you.

Whenever you feel like your experience is not enough, you need soft skills training.

Soft Skills Training And Personality Development Training

We often receive enquiries asking which one training will be better for corporate success, soft skills training or personality development training.

Both are equally important for self-development. The new era workplace has created an organizational dynamic that cannot be overlooked. Presenting ideas, resolving conflict, Listening and cultivating an open and transparent work environment all boil down to learning how to develop and sustain relationships with others. It is through these relations that individuals can fully engage in team projects, display respect for others, and gain aid for their projects.

Therefore, you must understand the role of soft skills and personality development and focus on honing your skills.

Soft skills classes will help evaluate and elevate:

  • Personal responsibility
  • The level of cooperation
  • Negotiation abilities in interpersonal situations.
  • Dispute settlement
  • Adaptability and versatility
  • The consistency in which interactions are made
  • Looking beyond the box
  • Mentoring and training

Best Way To Train Yourself On Soft Skills

Soft skills training can be achieved in a variety of ways. Course You can devote your time to attend a soft skills course, or you can take online classes for the specific soft skill with your current job.

Best Soft Skills Classes In Delhi

Enrolling in immersive soft skills classes offered by the Classes of Professional Studies (COPS) can help you develop the soft skills needed for your career. COPS provides customised personality development course and soft skills training ensures student engagement in the form of seminars or community projects. These are intended to help students develop their communication as well as other soft skills.

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